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Kate Pok

Collecting, Annotating and Redistributing Student Work using an iPad, GoodReader, Dropbox (and optionally Jotform) | Wandering Academic - 129 views

    • Kate Pok
      Google docs and rubrics vs. annotating in iPad- now set comments in the rubric, I can quickly mark it up and send it back to students...I would have to do all the markups by hand in iPad. Advantage in iPad of course is that it's portable.
    iPad workflows for teachers helps you figure out how to get things done with an iPad. Goodreader, Dropbox and Jotform. Not just a review of apps, but a way to use them together.
    This is the dream classroom in my opinion! Less bulk to carry home at night and available everywhere.
ac 1360

第一課:譬喻(比喻)修辭 - 2 views

shared by ac 1360 on 02 Dec 09 - No Cached
Roland Gesthuizen

10 ways for teachers to save time… « What Ed Said - 4 views

    "Teachers never have enough time. We have curriculum to cover, skills to teach, reports to write and meetings to attend. The demands are endless, both in and outside the classroom. 10 ways to save time, both in and out of the classroom."
    A good list that includes some ICT strategies such as Twitter and Google Docs.
Bob Rowan

ISTE 2011 Eight Shifts - 0 views

    from Will Richardson's "This is Not a Unit: Eight Shifts for Every Classroom (and Every Leaner)" presentation during ISTE 2011
Derrick C

Inquiry Education - 39 views

    5C blog

Using ePortfolios as a reflective teaching tool - Case study | LTTO Episodes | COFA Online Gateway - 131 views

    Using ePortfolios as a reflective teaching tool - Case study
    Tried to search for an ePortfolio platform for some time now..... sadly, can't fond one that's catered to University students. Anyone know of a good one? e.g. Open platform (web accessible? able to store Google docs) and not proprietary.
    Kevin - have you looked at Myportfolio? It uses an Open source software engine (Mahara) and the web-based option gives you a free account with 100 student accounts to try it out, but the annual subscription rates are very reasonable, as well you can install your own instance of Mahara on a Linux server and run it in-house if you wish.
LaDawna Harrington

Guided Inquiry - 12 views

Deborah Baillesderr

Distance Learning Resources - 24 views

    I just got this from one of the wonderful teachers in my circle. A lot of tech. programs (a lot of them offering access for free) to use for distance learning, and when we get back to school, flipped classroom activities. Stay healthy!
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