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Steven Szalaj

'What Is Good Teaching?' - - 3 views

    Nocera discusses "The New Republic" - a documentary film about teaching in a new Brooklyn high school (new in 2006), and the trials of learning classroom management in this trying environment.  His discussion focuses on the need to do a better job of training new teachers in classroom management.
Michelle Kassorla

Software Carpentry - 23 views

    Software Carpentry helps researchers be more productive by teaching them basic computing skills.
Roland Gesthuizen

eSmart Training June 2012 (with images, tweets) · rgesthuizen · Storify - 17 views

    "During June 2012 I attended an #eSmart training course. Whilst this aggregates collects some of the posts that I made, I have also added some of the tweets by friends at the #NCAB12 conference that was running at the same time."
Debra Spear

google apps training - 9 views

    wonderful resource for training students and educators how to use google apps
Brian Wasson

Why Teachers Need Social Media Training, Not Just Rules | Spotlight on Digital Media an... - 6 views

    Under a new set of social media guidelines (pdf) issued by the New York City Department of Education, teachers are required to obtain a supervisor's approval before creating a "professional social media presence," which is broadly defined as "any form of online publication or presence that allows interactive communication, including, but not limited to, social networks, blogs,  internet websites,  internet forums, and wikis." 
    Great insight into educating teachers about the use of social media within their schools so that they can help students navigate these waters as well.
Peter Beens

Using Google Docs with Students (Adobe Connect Training Session) - 131 views

    The accompanying presentation can be found at
Aly Tapp

Google Apps -- Online Training Resources - 3 views

    Fabulous library of instructional videos on Google Apps
Bob Rowan

"The YouTube Trick" - Videos - Viddler - 117 views

    how to show a Youtube video without ads (still includes related videos when movie ends)
Jim Tiffin Jr

Archived Dynamic Technology Webinars from Key Curriculum associated with CCSS - 4 views

    The list of webinars given by Key Curriculum Press associated with the Common Core State Standards, all archived and ready to access for free.
    Key Curriculum has just introduced this line of webinars, so as of 01-26-2012 there are no contents to this page. However, three webinars are scheduled to be shown over the next month. I would suspect then that this page will begin filling with content.
Jim Tiffin Jr

Archived Fathom and TinkerPlots Webinars from Key Curriculum - 2 views

    The list of Fathom and TinkerPlots webinars given by Key Curriculum Press, all archived and ready to access for free.
Jim Tiffin Jr

Archived Geometer's Sketchpad Webinars from Key Curriculum - 3 views

    The list of Geometer's Sketchpad webinars given by Key Curriculum Press, all archived and ready to access for free.
Glenn Rose

The Psychologist's View of UX Design | UX Magazine - 2 views

    Principles of user interface design - but lots of lessons here for educators wanting to understand how adults learn and how to engage them better
Marsha Ratzel

Training Videos - Google Apps Learning Center - 4 views

    Google training partners have just launched this series of video for a range of Apps.
    "Learn to use Google Apps by watching the videos below provided by Google and two our of our training partners:
    Boost eLearning and"
Deborah Baillesderr

Screenr | Instant screencasts: Just click record - 195 views

  • Share your knowledge on Twitter and Facebook
  • Reveal tips, tricks and software shortcuts
  • Showcase the ins and outs of new products and apps
  • Build brand and expert reputation
  • Embed video tutorials on sites and blogs
    Shared at edubloggercon
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    Web site that allows publishing of screencasts, with no software installed locally
    create and share screen casts from power points, flip charts, smart boards for example. Add a short recap of your lesson and upoload to share with absent students or as a study guide.
    Very much like screen-o-matic
Marita Thomson

Quantum Victoria | A Centre of Excellence & Innovation in Science & Mathematics - 77 views

    Quantum Victoria will deliver an online professional development module that will equip teachers with the skills and tools necessary for teaching in 21st century learning environments. This embedded professional development opportunity will focus primarily on project-based learning (PBL) and the effective integration of ICT in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. ... [more]

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