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inaip_yucatan - 112 views

    Create beauiful and informative infographics with this great, easy to use site. Just upload your images and drag them into place. The free account has 5 template themes.
Mark Trerotola

Voicethread - 1 views

    Voicethread is a grouped conversation that is collected and shared in one place from anywhere in the world. Say you upload a picture, document, or video - anyone you share it with will be able to communicate with you and comment on the media you've shared. There are five different ways someone can comment/communicate with you on Voicethread - Record (mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (webcam).
A Gardner

WebTools4u2use - Presentation Tools - 20 views

    List of Online Presentation Tools
Elizabeth Huck

VUVOX - slideshows, photo, video and music sharing, Myspace codes - 95 views

    A superb site for making interesting online presentations. Use your own images, RSS feeds, or search on popular image/photo sites. I love the choice of presentation type.
Eric Arbetter

12 Top Notch Online Presentation Tools » SitePoint - 16 views

    Great list of presentation tools along with descriptions: authorstream, BrinkPad, Empressr, Google Docs Presentation, Imageloop, myPlick, PreZentit, SlideRocket, Spresent, VCASMO, & Zoho Show.
Kate Pok

Examples of Gliffy Diagrams - 111 views

    Free flowcharts online
Jörgen Holmberg

Ladda ner | Infact - 3 views

    Free software. Infact is a tool that offers similar possibilities as Prezi even though I don't find "infact" it as intuitive to use.
    Free software. Infact is a tool that offers similar possibilities as Prezi even though I don't find "infact" it as intuitive to use.
Alicia Rosenbaum

Jing, screenshot and screencast software from TechSmith - 110 views

    allows kids to create their own videos to use as tutorials for some of the things they are learning
Suz Arnott

FREE PowerPoint Twitter Tools | SAP Web 2.0 - 191 views

    what a wonderful tool... making interactivity in presentations much easier... no gadgets, just a phone for students to tweet with... very cool
web2write Idensen

Langwitches - 70 Tools in 70 Minutes - 213 views

    a) a Slideshare 93 Slides - 70 Tools in 70 Minutes :-) b) Jog the Web - all Links to navigate c) Sharable Tabs  Try all 70 Tools in 70 Days :-)
Jim Tiffin Jr

Many Eyes - Data Visualization - 131 views

    Create atypical visualizations of different types of data for a variety of purposes. Beyond just bar charts and pie charts, this platform will allow you to analyze existing data sets, or upload your own to see what story the data may be trying to tell you. An experiment brought to you by IBM Research and the IBM Cognos software group.
Wayne Holly

Reel - Present your ideas and reel in the feedback - 76 views

    A superb HTML5 site where you can upload PDFs, PointPoints and images to create a online slideshow ready to share with others with a link.
    Reel helps you quickly create and share presentations. Each preso is stored online behind a unique URL, making it easy to poll your audience for their impressions.
Marc Patton

Record & Share your Ideas | - 10 views

    Record and share your ideas in a whole new way
Ruth Howard

Home | CreationMix: Share & Get Paid - 46 views

    Lessig's own CC Mix n share site in Beta
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