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Shadi Karazi

Storyboard That: The World's Best FREE Online Storyboard Creator - 151 views

    Create storyboards to tell a story. Easy to use tools. Free version and paid version
    I do not see a free version, just a free trial.
Thieme Hennis

Cowbird · About - 75 views

    "Cowbird is a library of human experience. We are a community of tens of thousands of storytellers, located all over the world. We offer free and simple storytelling tools for anyone to use, combining photos, audio, and text into heartfelt personal vignettes. We've designed Cowbird to reflect the basic truths that all human lives are interconnected, that great stories can come from anywhere, and that we can learn a lot from each other, once we make the time to listen. This is a place to slow down and go deeper - our mission is to build to world's first public library of human experience, so the knowledge and wisdom we accumulate as individuals may live on as a part of the commons, available for this and future generations to look to for guidance."
Brianna Crowley

Paperman - Short Film by John Kahrs - Video Dailymotion - 2 views

    Found this today--an entire short film without dialogue. GREAT way to demonstrate the elements of a story and/or teach visual literacy skills.
Steve Kelly

A Game With Heart, Gone Home Is A Bold Step In Storytelling : All Tech Considered : NPR - 53 views

  • A Game With Heart, Gone Home Is A Bold Step In Storytelling
  • Let me just get this out of the way: Gone Home is one of the most deeply intimate and emotionally honest gaming experiences I've had in my more than 25 years of playing video games.
  • Though more of a story exploration game or a piece of interactive short fiction, Gone Home (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) weaves its touching story with such deft and narrative grace that it is hard not to be sucked in immediately.
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  • Billed as a "story exploration game," Gone Home has users exploring an empty house and piecing together why no one is home.
Thieme Hennis

Fall 2013: The Headless ds106 Syllabus - 24 views

    the headless MOOC about digital storytelling. interesting (and experimental) setup that relies on volunteers to fill in the course syllabus and content (partially then)
Michele Rosen

Animate Your Life | Tellagami - 100 views

shared by Michele Rosen on 03 Jun 13 - No Cached
    Create short animated films with audio, text, backgrounds and a 3D avatar on an Apple device, then share the video online. Ideal for sharing ideas, tasks or homework. Download the app at
    Great app for instruction and student projects. Here is a short tutorial on how easy it is to use,
Dimitris Tzouris

MapStory - 71 views

    MapStory empowers a global community to organize knowledge about the world spatially and temporally. With MapStory, people of all kinds turn into Storytellers who can create, share, and collaborate on MapStories and ultimately improve our understanding of global dynamics, worldwide, over the course of history.
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: Education Uses for Digital Storytelling - 9 views

    This site walks you through the process of creating a digital story.
Josephine Dorado

7scenes - 9 views

    Mobile storytelling platform. Link your media to places, so you can create city experiences for anyone with a mobile phone.
Iain Williamson - 60 views

    Useful online film course in storytelling, sound and color
Glenn Hervieux

The Power of Storytelling - 81 views

    Lots of links on different aspects of storytelling. A great way to explore the topic and help define for yourself the role of storytelling in your own life and that of our students.
Glenn Hervieux

When is it a digital story? - 53 views

    Sherry Hegstrom, on her blog "Emerging Technologies in Education" asks the question: What makes for a digital story? She brings up some great questions for us to consider and there are some comments that engage the discussion. Check it out!

A List of The Best Free Digital Storytelling Tools for Teachers ~ Educational Technolog... - 152 views

    some very good tools to try...they are fun to use and free.
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