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Roland Gesthuizen

Sexting Among Teens Means Risk [STUDY] - 26 views

    ""No one's actually going to get a sexually transmitted disease because they're sexting," Dr. Eric Rice, a researcher from the School of Social Network at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, told Reuters. "What we really wanted to know is, is there a link between sexting and taking risks with your body? And the answer is a pretty resounding 'yes.'" "
Kimberly LaPrairie

July is National Cell Phone Courtesy And Safety Month! | SimpleK12 - 1 views

    Did you know that July is cell phone courtesy and safety month? To see what you can do to help prevent "sexting" and other dangers teens face while using their cells, here's a quick video and some resources: Sexting isn't cool. Help spread the word.
Bea Cantor

Survey: Teens 'sext' and post personal info | Larry Magid at Large - CNET News - 0 views

  • The summary points out that "Cyberbullying is widespread among today's teens, with over one-third having experienced it, engaged in it, or known of friends who have who have done either." But that one-third is cumulative of bullies, people who have been bullied and even people who know someone who's been bullied.
  • 20 percent of teens "say they have sent/posted nude or semi-nude pictures or video of themselves." But the data from the Cox survey showed that while 20 percent of teens "have engaged in sexting," that number, too, is cumulative. Only 9 percent "sent a sext," while 17 percent received one, and 3 percent forwarded a "sext."
  • it's important for parents to talk with their teens about appropriate use of the Internet. Don't scare them or shut down their use, but do remind them to mind their manners, think before they post, and seek help if someone is bullying or harassing them.
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  • the vast majority of teens (72 percent) have a social-networking profile, while 73 percent use cell phones and 91 percent have an e-mail address.
Dan Sitter

Sexting, Shame and Suicide | Culture News | Rolling Stone - 92 views

    • Dan Sitter
      Incredibly powerful article on the power of social media and the lives it touches
  • On Facebook, messages were pinging into her inbox, each one delivering another gut punch
Glenn Hervieux - 42 views

    Sexting handbook by Common Sense Media that talks straight guidance for teens and parents. Definitely one for Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety
Ed Webb

by : Yahoo! Tech - 0 views

  • "the laws have not caught up to technology."
    • Ed Webb
      As in so much. I wonder, do they ever catch up with the technology?
  • Other patients tell Randall how sexting and texting explicit messages has caused relationship problems, especially after a breakup, when photos might be distributed out of spite, for instance.
    • Ed Webb
      Which is why this is an educational, not a legal issue. Parents and educators need to get smart about the technologies, and help kids learn to manage it intelligently. No scaremongering, just a realistic assessment of the ways in which one would not wish to make oneself vulnerable.
  • "But ultimately," she says, "I think this is merely another case of technology extending an activity or action that young people have engaged in for years, if not beyond that."
Glenda Baker

Generation Safe - 44 views

    Pilot program on cyber safety, westing and digital citizenship in Australia.
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