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GP withMdmLin

Edmodo | Home - 89 views

shared by GP withMdmLin on 28 Jan 11 - Cached
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    • Brenna Novak
      An example of teacher posting and student responses/posts in Edmodo
  • Me to

    2* Science

    Diffusion, Osmosis, & Active Transport Notes

    Turned in (0)

    May 24, 2012

    Please fill-in as we go through them in class. I will upload a separate document with the diagrams. I will create a handout of the diagrams so please DO NOT print from here.

    • Brenna Novak
      The pink highlight is an example of a homework/note posting in Edmodo. You can keep track of who has completed the assignment.
    • Joel Gogwim
      Its cool
    • Monica Del Castillo
      Nice thanks
    • Cathy Hopperstad
      Yes, how do you remove the stickies from my Edmodo page?
    • Roy Sovis
      I loaded the Diigo toolbar in IE, Firefox, and Chrome. It's the only toolbar I use. In Firefox and IE, I click on the Diigo icon in the toolbar and mouse hover over "See All Annotations". Another menu will open in whcih you can select the setting you desire in regards to public and private annotations/sticky notes.
    • Brenna Novak
      I like using the highlighting and sticky notes. This can be a great tool to use with my students. Just like I am doing for Edmodo by pointing out the different features of the site.
    • Dan Warren
      OK. Nice. Now, how do I get rid of the notes floating on my Edmodo page?
    • A Kashdan
      I started using Diigo, but I have no idea why I'm seeing these notes.
    • carmelladoty
      Ok, I read the sticky notes, now how do I remove them?
    • Diego Tutor
      You can't remove them as they are not your notes, they were published by somebody else in a group where you have access to (Public, Diigo in Education, etc.).
      You have the option to hide them through the Diigo toolbar, or you can abandon the group not to see any notes from any member in it. :)
  • Utilitarian education
    quotes and quotes and quotes...
April Johnson

ISTE | NETS for Teachers 2008 - 43 views

    Advancing Digital-Age Technology
Marc Patton Your Educational Technology Resource - 78 views

    EduHound Site Sets are collections of topic-based online education resources.
Phil Brown

Data Resources Online for Project Based Teaching and Learning - 109 views

    Some great sites to locate data for student projects
Beth Panitz

Think Classroom Channel - 90 views

    Source for interactive tools and media, lessons, MD State Curriculum
Holly Barlaam

Variation, Selection, and Time - 38 views

    lots of information, lesson plans, and resources related to genetics. Check out the "Things You May Not Have Known About Evolution" slide show.
    a variety of activities related to evolution from the amazing Learn.Genetics site. Addresses misconceptions, geologic time, fossil and DNA evidence, eye evolution, and more.
Beth Panitz

Free PD Resources for Teachers: Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook Directory - 78 views

    Teacher Professional Development Directory can help you identify accredited programs, supplemental materials, software, workshops, and more.
Richard Miller

text2cloud - 63 views

    Text2cloud is a collaborative effort to explore idea-driven writing with the web imagined as the primary destination. Engaging with the end of privacy, school violence, censorship, and the transformation of literacy, text2cloud aims to spur similar uses of multimedia for reflection, meditation, deliberation, and speculation--in sum, the introspective arts on associates with the life of the mind.
    Threads on campus violence, how the loss of privacy in the digital age is transforming life on campus, and how public life is changed by the proliferation of concealed cameras. Navigational makeover introduced to improve reading experience. Feedback welcome.
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