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sha towers Encyclopedias, maps, online libraries, quotations, dictionaries & more. - 41 views

    great portal for all kinds of information
Bob Calder

CK12.ORG - FlexBooks - 134 views

    Customizable, standards-aligned, free digital textbooks for K-12 - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
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    No love for ELA. :(
    "customizable, standards-aligned, free digital textbooks for K-12"
    Create custom curriculum FlexBooks with the content you want, and even edit, add additional resources to this content.   Books can then be made available in a variety of formats, PDF, HTML, Online reader.
    Customizable online textbooks for a variety of subjects. History is full of terrific primary sources.
    open access textbooks resources for iPad included here
Roland Gesthuizen

iPads for Learning - Why the iPad? - 134 views

  • To date, feedback from participating schools has been overwhelmingly positive. For instance the touch screen interface of the iPad is proving to be a great success for students with special needs.
    "We, here at the Victorian government school system, are proud of our internationally recognised eLearning achievements. The iPads for Learning trial is no exception. We are working with Apple to test the value of the iPad, and the applications it can access, as an additional opportunity to engage students and to improve their educational attainment."
    Review website by state government to share resources and evaluation for iPads and tablet computers used in a school setting. Includes details of current pilot schools.
Deborah Montgomery

Technology Listing - 131 views

    More educational links by Cybrary Man for teachers, parents, students
    This is a wonderful website! It has so many resources and they are broken into specific groups so it makes it easier to find what you need. This is Awesome! Thank you.
Beth Panitz

Teacher Created Resources | Educational Materials and Teacher Supplies - 74 views

    This website has a variety of learning and teaching materials for purchase, and they will give you a free book download each month.
Seth Roberts

How Global is Your School? | Asia Society - 40 views

  • The Global Schools Assessment is the best way for a school to benchmark where they are in supporting students' global competence. It is an assessment tool to help determine how global your school is and offer ways to strenthen practice.
Richard Miller

Who Needs the News Media? Make Your Own News! | text2cloud - 49 views

    What happens when young people start taking their cameras into places of business and filming their interactions with the desk help? What will the future be like when the news is defined by these acts? It's happening now--does education have a role to play in this?
Delia DeCourcy

Diigo 101 - Student Learning with Diigo - 112 views

    "Three main navigation menus of Diigo are My Library, My Network, and My Group which are connected to the key principles of Diigo, explicitly, researching, sharing and collaborating. All information and items collected by users are entered into the My Library on the Diigo serve"
    We invite you to explore the various features of Diigo. Become educated and informed on the powerful use of Diigo for student learning. Learn how this research tool can enhance classroom instruction and promote higher levels of student collaboration. As you navigate through our site you will see examples of valuable lessons and resources, all displayed for your use.

Chris Hale

Doing Literary Criticism - Stenhouse Publishers - 64 views

    Interesting read and super materials for teachers looking to add/enhance literary criticism in HS English classes.
June Jones

Using Diigo in the Classroom - Student Learning with Diigo - 182 views

    Diigo is a powerful information capturing, storing, recalling and sharing tool. Here are just a few of the possibilities with Diigo
    Great information that will help both educators and students figure out how to use Diigo in the classroom.

'absolutely intercultural!' - 21 views

    Welcome to the first ever intercultural podcast. 'absolutely intercultural!' is its name and, as far as we know, this is the first podcast in the world to deal with intercultural issues. We'll be releasing a new episode every second Friday evening, looking at all intercultural aspects of human intercultural communication. For example, we'll be hearing from students on foreign work placements, asking how teachers can make use of intercultural exercises and simulations in their classroom and sharing with you any intercultural gossip we come across. 'absolutely intercultural!' won't be so much about passing on information but more about starting an intercultural dialogue between the makers, and you, the contributors and listeners.
Amy Roediger

Kids Research Websites - 225 views

    Here is an annotated list of helpful kids research sources.
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