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H DeWaard

Thinking in a White Room: My If/Then Statement about Infographics - 77 views

    Two classroom inforgraphic posters to help students answer their own questions.
H DeWaard

Genius Hour | Mr. C's SharesEase - 54 views

    This great video clearly outlines Genius Hour movement  happening in classrooms across the world! After reflecting for a few months on how to initiate #GeniusHour in my classroom I finally jumped i...
Matt Renwick

Five Questions for Crossing the Threshold | On Being - 32 views

  • if we wrap our lives around life-giving questions — and live our way into their answers a bit more every day — the better world we want and need is more likely to come into being
Ross Davis

Form a Research Question - ENGL 110: College Writing - LibGuides at Loyola Marymount Un... - 4 views

    Shows examples of how to narrow down research questions
Beverly Ozburn

Students Use Graphic Organizers to Improve Mathematical Problem-Solving Communications - 54 views

  • Our four corners and a diamond graphic organizer has five areas:

    1. What do you need to find?
    2. What do you already know?
    3. Brainstorm possible ways to solve this problem.
    4. Try your ways here.
    5. What things do you need to include in your response? What mathematics did you learn by working this problem?
    • Beverly Ozburn
      Questions to flesh out the Essential Question.  This would be a great way to implement student blogs in a math class!
  • teachers reported dramatic improvements in students' mathematics scores on open-response items after implementing the four corners and a diamond graphic organizer.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • The teachers saw that their lower-ability students, who normally would not have attempted problems, had now written partial solutions.
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