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Martin Burrett

UKEdMag: Joined at the strip by @mrlockyer - 6 views

    "Have you ever had a class who are ready to work, have fantastic ideas, know the basic structure of a paragraph or story, yet seem to falter when actually writing? How about those children that freeze at the sight of a blank page of lines to fill? You must have taught one or two children who start a story well, then drift off into a tangent even they can't pick themselves back from.

    Structure Strips can help to solve all of these regular challenges for teachers, at the crucial stage of children demonstrating what they know and demonstrating this on the page."
Maureen Greenbaum

What Artificial Intelligence Could Mean For Education : NPR Ed : NPR - 12 views

  • , in a world where computers are taking more and more of the jobs, what is it that humans most need to learn? It probably isn't primarily memorizing facts or figures, or simple rules for problem solving.
  • An immediate answer is that more of us need to get better at building and interacting with software tools.
  • the growing movement in education to focus on building social and emotional competencies.

Martin Burrett

UKEd Update: 15 January 2018 - UKEdChat - 6 views

    Today's update for teachers with edu news, resources and the best of Twitter.
Dallas McPheeters

What could possibly replace K-12 and college?  - 19 views

    • Dallas McPheeters
      So much unnecessary friction.
  • three-phased approach to education
  • (the first 15 to 18 years, actually)
    • Dallas McPheeters
      Recommend first 12 years and eliminating the Teen category which is a western civilization invention and not recognized in a majority of cultures.
Martin Burrett

Vocal Recall - 30 views

    "An amazing feedback app. Create QR codes and attach audio feedback for students/parents to listen to. QR codes are emailed to you after requesting them from the app. Glue into books to evidence your feedback. Get your students to reply to begin a conversation about their work."

TIC para innovar: Clase invertida (flipped classroom) ventajas y desventajas - 1 views

  • Clase invertida (flipped classroom) ventajas y desventajas

      La clase invertida propone que el aprendizaje de los estudiantes se suscite fuera de la clase. Este modelo pedagógico o estrategia didáctica ofrece una forma de aprendizaje semi presencial ya que los estudiantes pueden aprender desde sus casas mediante juegos, presentaciones, videos, podcast, ejercicios en línea, y tanto los docentes como estudiantes interactúan para resolver problemas. Esto denota un consumo menor de tiempo en el aula que se puede ocupar para otras actividades, sin más deseo compartirles las ventajas y desventajas de la Clase invertida:

    1.       Adaptabilidad de la clase se adapta al ritmo del estudiante.
    2.       Mejora significativamente el ambiente de trabajo en el aula.
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