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Martin Burrett

Dads Matter by @PaulStrange - 4 views

    "In our school this year, we are focusing on raising the attainment of boys in relation to their female peers. This is by no means anything new; the gender gap is an entity that has plagued school results for as long as I can remember (and probably long before that). I should say that our boys perform better than national averages, but do not perform as well as the girls. You might be sat there in the same position. You've got an interesting situation in your school, where girls are outperforming boys, it features prominently on your School Improvement Plan (SIP), and you've read all the new books on the subject etc."
k moses

The Saudi explanation for Jamal Khashoggi's death is a fable. Still Trump plays along. ... - 1 views

  • As Mr. Trump surely knows, the new Saudi cover story is contradicted not just by evidence collected by Turkish authorities and by journalists but also by the reporting of the U.S. intelligence community. All point to Mohammed bin Salman as the instigator of a premeditated, cold-blooded and brutal murder, followed by the dismemberment of Mr. Khashoggi’s body. As The Post’s Shane Harris reported, CIA officials have listened to an audio recording in the possession of Turkish officials they say backs up their account that Mr. Khashoggi was murdered minutes after entering the consulate by a team of 15 men. The Post has identified five of those men as probable members of the crown prince’s personal security detail.
    • k moses
      Again ... Its sort of excellent that Trump has dropped all subtlety on dealing with the relationship of the USA and The House of Saud, ... I sure hope it revives the questions that were raised about 15 of the 19 plane hijackers were Saudis and their origins and funding were not subjected to scrutiny,
Martin Burrett

Airtame launches new product, @Airtame 2 - 6 views

    "In the past 4 years, Danish startup Airtame has marked itself as a frontrunner in the world of wireless HDMI. Now they're launching a new hardware product - Airtame 2."
Martin Burrett

What is the lived experience of the child? by @PaulStrange - 4 views

    "Something that has struck me as vitally important in the realms of education at the moment is the lived experience of the child. Now, you may be sat there thinking, 'Isn't this stating the absolutely obvious?' I hear it said so often that underpinning every decision made in schools is a focus on the children. Please don't misunderstand me at this point; I am not calling into question the motives of educators and leaders. I just thought it pertinent to bring this to the fore in the wake of the myriad of difficulties schools face in relation to increased budget strain and stretched services."
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