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Ed Goodwin

Please DfE; as the number of BSOs approaches 150, don’t impose impossible inspect... - 4 views

    The consultation on proposed changes to the standards under which BSOs are inspected was completed some time ago and several overseas schools organisations and others have submitted their feedback.…

Metodologia de la Investigación 5a Edición - Sampieri, Fernandez.pdf - 8 views

shared by maglui77 on 20 Apr 16 - No Cached
  • diseño del proceso de investigación seleccionado: teoría fundamentada, estudio de caso, etnografía, fenomenología, narrativa, etc.
  • teoría fundamentada
    • maglui77
      Este es el modelo utilizado en la actual investigación
  • tenemos grabaciones de audio y video producto de entrevistas y sesiones
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • bitácora de análisis
    • maglui77
      A esto se le llama
  • La primera actividad es volver a revisar todo el material
  • sugerimos transcribir y analizar las transcripciones,
  • La segunda es transcribir los materiales de entrevistas y sesiones
    Metodología de la Investigación
Clint Heitz

MLA 8 vs MLA 7: What you need to know! - 32 views

  • 2. Inclusion of “containers” in citations.

    Containers are the elements that “hold” the source. For example, if a television episode is watched on Netflix, Netflix is the container. Both the title of the source and its container are included in a citation.

    • Clint Heitz
      This could be a massive help! With documentaries and interviews available on so many streaming sources, adding the container will be much more specific and useful.
  • Due to the various ways that information is now received, in books, websites, lectures, tweets, Facebook posts, etc, it has become unrealistic for MLA to create citation formats for every source type. Now, there is one standard, universal format that researchers can use to create their citations
Valeria Pleszowski

Education Trends - Flipped classroom - 80 views

    WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation
Glenn Hervieux

Why your tech PD might be all wrong | eSchool News - 68 views

    Tech training and PD should be about more than the device; it should have purpose. The key to professional learning is having an objective for your learning and then time to apply what you've learned. It does take time!
Matt Renwick

Beliefs and Values - Reading By Example - 33 views

    What happens in schools when your actions do not align with your beliefs?

10 Outils d'auto-formation pour maîtriser la recherche sur Internet #QQOQCP | - 4 views

  • Chaque partie propose des conseils méthodologiqu
  • créant ce « jeu sérieux » sur la recherche documentaire, les services et les ressources de la bibliothèque…La suite
Chema Falcó

Lisa Nielsen: The Innovative Educator: Are You An Innovative Educator? Here's How to Fi... - 36 views

    innovación-docente "innovative techer"
Matt Renwick

What I'm Reading: March 2016 | Matt Renwick - 27 views

    How do we balance teacher expectations with student engagement?
Matt Renwick

How To Personalize Learning For Today's Students - 47 views

    A review of the book Learning Personalized for MiddleWeb

Policy Service - 8 views

    Policy ServiceTASB
    Policy ServiceTASB
Elizabeth Pitel

What Do "Future Ready" Students Look Like? | Edutopia - 58 views

  • It turns out that passion, a sense of humor, and knowing how to recover from setbacks are also critical readiness factors when it comes to tackling real-world problems.
  • For teachers who want to develop students' collaborative skills from a young age, Scobbie offers this advice: "Put students together in situations they're not comfortable with, so that they have to deal with conflicts in a useful way."

untitled - 14 views

    health WHO worldhealthorganisation disease map outbreak

(Re)Marking upon #ProfChat - 11 views

    • kmosei_2k16
      It appears that many students (graduate, undergraduate, professional) are oriented towards receiving answers rather than engaging in exploration. Would the 'curiosity cultivating' learning technologies provide a frustrating experience for such students?
    • nursprof58
      Possibly, but who says frustration is not a learning experience? The old adage "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" comes to mind. Teach a student to be intellectually and technologically curious and you've given them tools for success long after they've left your tutelage. vcuole
  • The challenges and opportunities confronting higher education pedagogy will not be adequately addressed by platforms designed to provide answers
Marti Pike

Brains in Pain Cannot Learn! | Edutopia - 48 views

    • Marti Pike
      E+R=O, Feelings come from how we think about what happens. I Can Fix It!
Leilani Bonds

Positive Influence - 29 views

shared by Leilani Bonds on 07 Mar 16 - No Cached
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