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conceptualizacion academica de la excelencia en el ámbito universitario - 0 views

    Esta investigación se propone enunciar el concepto de Excelencia Académica que se utiliza en el ámbito universitario, para ello se emplea, como metódica, la Teoría Fundamentada, según la tradición definida por Strauss y Corbin. La investigación hace una revisión bibliográfica de la literatura que aborda la problemática estudiada para exponer su noción sobre el tema abor- dado. Mediante el análisis de la data se definen las categorías que permiten conceptualizar la excelencia académica. Entre los hallazgos más relevantes, podemos mencionar a las categorías expresadas por quienes han reflexio- nado sobre el tema, las cuales son: el conocimiento, el estilo de vida, la per- sonalidad, la planificación y los valores.
Terry Smith

Daily Ideas - National Geographic Society - 2 views

    A daily posting from NatGeo with terminology, topics and videos in geography, critical species, culture - ideas for classroom groups, lesson starters, kid research or any creative endeavor dreamed up by the classroom teacher.
Dan Bench

Dan Pink's Drive: A Scholarly Book Review - 19 views

  • we have a responsibility to ensure that our students develop skills to perform heuristic tasks in order to compete in the job market.
  • According to SDT the three basic psychological needs for motivation are competence, where one feels effective and efficacious; relatedness, where one feels close and connected to others; and autonomy, where one feels causation and ownership of one’s behavior
  • Starkey (2011) suggests that creativity is the penultimate learning experience and that sharing the knowledge is the ultimate goal (p. 25), a concept supported by Siemen’s (2004) connectivism learning theory, where learning and knowledge rests on a number of opinions that when connected allows us to know more (2004).
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  • Overall, promoting mastery through flow-friendly classrooms is certainly a reality and adds weight to the Motivation 3.0 model
  • So as Lent (2010) suggests, providing opportunities for students to be part of something larger than themselves is clearly a viable proposition where students pursue “purpose” goals that serve others as opposed to “profit” goals, such as good grades, that only serve themselves (Pink, 2011, p. 142).
Matt Renwick

The Sometimes Unnecessariness of Technology - Reading By Example - 61 views

    When is technology necessary? How do we know?
Matt Renwick

Initial Findings After Implementing Digital Student Portfolios in Elementary Classrooms... - 51 views

    The inital results are promising, but it is about the portfolio process, not technology.

developing first-grade reading fluency through peer mediation - ProQuest - 12 views

  • indings suggest that peer-mediated, repeated reading promoted both reading fluency and reading comprehension.
    • krossum

coxhead2000article.pdf - 17 views

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23212-64210-1-PB.pdf - 14 views

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About - Triple E Framework - 22 views

  • The Triple E Framework was developed in 2011
    • ryancarothers

Books on Clouds - 30 views

Cloud-Book- by Tomie-dePaolaShapes in the Sky: A Book About Clouds by Josepha ShermanExtraordinary Clouds by Richard HamblynThe Cloudspotter's Guide: The Science, History, and Culture of Clouds by ...

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