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Nigel Coutts

Promoting a Growth Mindset - 58 views

    We all want to see our students and our children grow into happy, balanced and successful adults but exactly what that means and how it is to be achieved are areas of uncertainty. Into this debate comes Carol Dweck's research into 'Mindsets' and how individual differences in our approach to the world dictate our ultimate experiences of success or disappointment.
Rachel Hinton

Why Software 'Containers' Won't Be Bad News for Programmers - 15 views

    Are software makers writing themselves out of a good living?

    Recent trends in the computer business indicate we are about to see a phenomenal growth in computing power and the relative ease with which software can be created to utilize it.
Rachel Hinton

Colleges rush to create cybersecurity soldiers - 17 views

    The now infamous computer hacks infuriated consumers who had personal information compromised and Hollywood honchos who had embarrassing emails made public.

    But headline-grabbing computer intrusions are only a fraction of what is going on in the Wild West of cybercrime. According to Nextgov, the online resource for federal technology decision makers, energy giant BP faces 50,000 attempts at cyberintrusion a day. The Pentagon? Ten million a day. The National Nuclear Security Administration? Another 10 million.

    Dramatic websites from two major computer security companies, Norse Corp. ( and Kaspersky Lab (https://cybermap.kasper display vivid real-time maps of ongoing cyberwarfare being waged around the globe.

    That has sparked a mad dash for cybersecurity experts - and another mad dash to recruit and educate students in that field.
Monroe Berger

Live Cell Research - 30 views

    anti aging information
Maria Fishell

eSchool News | Welcome to the New White Paper Library | eSchool News - 11 views

    Technology News; Innovation in K-12 Education, whitepaper
Nigel Coutts

Handwriting vs Typing - Reflecting on Finland's changing policy on cursive writing - 76 views

    Finland recently made the news for its decision to shift away from a focus on handwriting. Beginning in 2016 students will not be required tl learn cursive handwriting and instead will be taught typing skills. If this was anywhere other tan Finland the decision might be ignored or ridiculed but the Finnish Education systems reputation for producing quality learning backed by innovative practice makes this hard to ignore.
Glenn Hervieux

50 Ways to Teach With Current Events - - 47 views

    Current events are a powerful medium to engage students and their thinking in so many different ways. Here are 50 to get you started!

My Library - 31 views

    search tool recommended by Juli during November learning PD day1, to have instant news and forums on particular topics, and use them in the classroom
Deborah Baillesderr

SmithsonianTweenTribune | Articles for kids, middle school, teens from Smithsonian | tw... - 55 views

    A great source of leveled informational text by grade.
Hobbes W

Student Course Evaluations Get An 'F' : NPR Ed : NPR - 54 views

    Something we probably all know, but it's good that new confirming evidence is being accrued.
Scott Spargo

Science Behind the Headlines: Education Packs - Royal Institution of AustraliaRiAus - A... - 44 views

    A collection of resources for Australian science educators which tie scientific concepts to current issues in the media.
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