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Mr. Eason

Educational Leadership:Reading: The Core Skill:The Challenge of Challenging Text - 131 views

  • The new standards instead propose that teachers move students purposefully through increasingly complex text to build skill and stamina.
  • higher-order thinking in reading depends heavily on knowledge of word meanings.
  • Students' ability to comprehend a piece of text depends on the number of unfamiliar domain-specific words and new general academic terms they encounter.
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  • If students are to interpret the meanings such complex sentence structures convey, they need to learn how to make sense of the conventions of text—phrasing, word order, punctuation, and language.
  • Students who are aware of the patterns authors use to communicate complex information have an advantage in making sense of text.
  • A final determinant of text difficulty, however, depends on the reader's prior knowledge.
  • Students' background knowledge, including developmental, experiential, and cognitive factors, influences their ability to understand the explicit and inferential qualities of a text.
  • building skills, establishing purpose, and fostering motivation.
  • even students who have basic decoding skills sometimes struggle to deploy these skills easily and accurately enough to get a purchase on challenging text. To help these students develop reading fluency, teachers should give them lots of practice with reading the same text, as well as instruction to help them develop a stronger sense of where to pause in sentences, how to group words, and how their voices should rise or fall at various junctures when reading aloud.
  • maintaining understanding across a text.
  • pair repeated readings of the same text with questions that require the student to read closely for detail and key ideas.
  • Ongoing, solid vocabulary instruction
  • also on general academic words.
  • also explore the connections among words,
  • In contrast, in reading history and literature, readers need to be concerned with not just the causes of events, but also the human intentions behind these causes.
  • teachers should not convey so much information that it spoils the reading or enables students to participate in class without completing the reading; rather, they should let students know what learning to expect from the reading.
  • Teachers may be tempted to try to make it easier for students by avoiding difficult texts. The problem is, easier work is less likely to make readers stronger.
  • You need to create successive successes.
  • Students experience success in the company of their teacher, who combines complex texts with effective instruction.
    What makes text difficult and how to teach skills for successful comprehension.

The Center for Fiction - 114 views

    Literature for adults, YA, and kids--videos on interviews with authors, sections on For Writers and Audio & Video, and more for booklovers of all ages.
Patricia Christian

Building a Collaborative Online Literary Experience - 140 views

    Module 6
    This link is to a pasword protected site. Please remove.

Blooms Cards for Rings - 6 views

    Wow, this is a great literacy resource!
Prakash Dheeriya

Teach finance to elementary, middle and high school children using stories - 6 views

    Disclosure: I am the author of these children's books.
Trevor Cunningham

Playfic - 124 views

    This is an interesting site that feels like a cross between coding and story writing. Make branching stories where readers choose what happens next.
    Gameification: develop interactive fiction pieces to reinforce literacy skills, develop process charts to reinforce skills, etc.
Martin Burrett

Vocabulary Pinball - 137 views

    A great pinball English word game. Collect the letters using your pinball skills developed from your misspent youth and guess the meaning of the word.
Stephen Bright

Literacy in the Digital Age - Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - 25 views

    collection of digital literacy links using the 21st. C. literacies model to organise them into categories e.g. visual literacy, critical literacy, tool literacy etc. 
Martin Burrett

BBC English - Vocabulary - 3 views

    An interesting interactive resource from the BBC about the importance of using interesting vocabulary and adding 'bling' to writing.
Mark Gleeson

LendMeYourLiteracy » Create. Collaborate. Celebrate. - 2 views

  • is a unique online resource base for teachers and students of Literacy.A one stop website for examples of good pieces of literacy work written by children and not just models written in a text book.Teachers can use these pieces of work for moderation purposes and an aid to good teaching, inspiring children to believe…"If they can do it, I can too!"
Martin Burrett

Progressive Phonics - 80 views

    This site has a great set of downloadable PDF books and resources to help emergent readers with phonics. Free sign up is required.
Kirstie Truluck

Literacy defined - 60 views

  • Literacy represents the lifelong, intellectual process of gaining meaning from print.
    • Kirstie Truluck
      repeat in group forum:
      in addition to gaining meaning, this line should add MAKING meaning with print.
      And, print should be expanded to 'texts' thereby meaning digital, visual, auditory texts - not just print
Martin Burrett

Daily Writing Tips - 125 views

    A useful blog with a new daily writing idea to try out in your class.
Steve Ransom

Why Students Don't Read What is Assigned in Class - YouTube - 7 views

    A great example of the importance of choice, relevancy, and joy in any literacy program
Martin Burrett

Smories - new stories for children, read by children - 124 views

    An amazing digital storytelling project. Watch videos of children telling original stories.
Martin Burrett

Random Words - 121 views

    This is a superb random word generator split into nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Great for infusing a little magic into creative writing sessions.
Martin Burrett

National Storytelling Week - 73 views

    The Society for Storytelling's annual 'National Storytelling Week' is a wonderful way to kickstart sharing stories and reading in your school.
Martin Burrett

ThumbScribes - 112 views

    This is a great site for encouraging writers to create stories, poems and songs collaboratively. The site limits how much a user can write and can invite friends or the public to continue and edit a piece of writing.
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