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Sean Nash

Aligning Philosophy and Practice - nashworld - 34 views

    One of my foundational rules of classroom engagement is simply this: never be the first one to open your mouth and start talking about any topic. Twenty years in the classroom taught me that one. Never assume. Never take prior knowledge for granted. Listen first, then act. Never presume to know what the students in front of you are capable of. They'll show you if you are bold enough to listen.
Roland Gesthuizen

How to Focus More in Class: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow - 112 views

    "Slacking off during class isn't only a bad habit, but it's also very detrimental to your grade! Focusing in class really proves to teachers that you are a capable student but it also shows that you have got a solid level of maturity and self control, which will be very important in your future life. Read on to find out more about "How to Focus More in Class" "
Bob Rowan

Teaching Your Students How to Have a Conversation | Edutopia - 108 views

    Interesting tips for teaching students conversation skills
Deborah Baillesderr

Listen to Stories | StoryCorps - 85 views

    What a great idea and site. Please take the time to check it out. 
Roland Gesthuizen

your monkey called · You Are Boring - 89 views

  • Ask questions; the person you’re speaking with will respect your inquisitiveness and become more interested in the exchange. “Asking questions makes people feel valued,”
  • The people who were interesting told good stories. They were also inquisitive: willing to work to expand their social and intellectual range. Most important, interesting people were also the best listeners. They knew when to ask questions.
    "You are boring. So, so boring. Don't take it too hard. We're all boring. At best, we're recovering bores. Each day offers a hundred ways for us to bore the crap out of the folks with whom we live, work, and drink. And on the internet, you're able to bore thousands of people at once"
David Sebek

Listening to Students | Edutopia - 2 views

    good questions for beginning of the year survey
Marita Thomson

Just shut up and listen, expert tells teachers - 178 views

    JOHN HATTIE has spent his life studying the studies to find out what works in education. His advice to teachers? Just shut up.
    Hattie makes some good points, and I was with him until I read his comment about "not spending a penny" on smaller class sizes. Smaller class size is exactly what makes it possible for a teacher to oversee student-directed learning and "engage closely and listen"
    That is my experience too thank you Carol I missed that! I rely on volunteers so that I can teach hands on skills. The students themselves give me the feedback I need to adjust instruction. And of course the type of skills and content that they enjoy too.
Lisa DuFur

ESL Links - Learning English - 57 views

    ESLDESK - Selection of ESL resources to help you learn English

ESL : Listening : Podcasts - 36 views

    List of podcast resources for ESL teachers and learners. Can be used in many different educational settings.
Jason Schmidt

Classics for Kids - 81 views

    Great music education resource. Provides the opportunity to listen to classical music and gives excellent support materials.
joyce L

Learning Through Listening | Abstract - 71 views

  • new technologies are challenging traditional definitions of what it means to be literate
    • joyce L
      In what ways have literacy being changed by new technologies? Is reading / writing / speaking / listening skills different when applied to new contexts of online communication or online 'reading/writing'?
  • digital media have revived the importance of listening and oral literacy
  • individual learners approach the same learning task in widely varied ways, it is essential to provide multiple means for achieving success. Learners need multiple ways of recognizing important information, variety in how to strategically approach a learning task and multiple means of becoming engaged in learning
Jeff Suarez Grant

Welcome to :: Free ESL video quizzes and resources for ESL / EFL students ... - 51 views

    Create online multiple choice exercises with a video you ́ve selected from Youtube. Your quiz is hosted at ESLvideo and can be published online by using the embed code. You can also explore a bank of activities created by other teachers organized by levels.
Peter Olm

Thought Control. - 1 views

    Thinking, literacy and education in the middle years of schooling
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