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Deborah Baillesderr

JeopardyLabs - Online Jeopardy Template - 94 views

    Super easy and if you don't want to create your template, they have tons of already created templates.
Deborah Baillesderr - 56 views

    "Research any topic with an interactive concept map, that you can customize and share"
Michael Sheehan

6 powerful interactive history sites - 180 views

    Collection of very cool history websites.
    Link isn't working at my school.
Michele Brown

Home of CELLS alive! - 52 views

    interactive science site

inklewriter - 11 views

    inklewriter is a free tool designed to allow anyone to write and publish interactive stories. It's perfect for writers who want to try out interactivity, but also for teachers and students looking to mix computer skills and creative writing.

Duke University Alice Materials Tutorials Repository - 35 views

    • anonymous
      Middle School students find this one hard. Has anybody tried this with an after-school class
    good tutorials to teach Alice coding
Deborah Baillesderr

eduCanon - 57 views

    You can make interactive videos for your flipped classroom
Michele Brown

Stipple - Your information and images together again. - 82 views

    Like Thinglink. Add interactive tags to photos
Elaine Higuera

Energyville - 68 views

    This resource is about energy choices… maybe best for upper elementary/JrHigh. It is a game but you learn about different forms of energy (petroleum, solar, hydro, bio, nuclear, etc. You can create a group competition.
Michele Rosen

Kahoot! | Game-based blended learning & classroom response system - 133 views

shared by Michele Rosen on 31 Oct 13 - No Cached
  • A game-based classroom response system

    For schools, universities, & businesses

  • Ask thought provoking questions
  • Easy-to-use, inclusive & highly engaging
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Students, take control of your own learning
    This has got to be the funkiest instant poll, quiz, response site around. Create questions, quizzes and polls with optional uploaded images for participants to complete in real time from a computer or mobile device. The users access the quiz by using a pin code. The 'question master' gets the data back instantly and it is stored on the site or can be downloaded. This is superb for checking the knowledge of children in your class or that your audience is still awake.
    A fun online interactive, gamebased way to give quizzes. You can also do discussions and survey. Here is a short youtube video on how to use it,
    An easy and fun way to give quizzes. You can also do discussions and surveys. Here is a short youtube video on how to use it,
Robert Hochberg

Click on Me! Create Interactive YouTube Videos. - 144 views

    Interactive Youtube presenation
Kevin Weaver

Cool Math Games - Free Online Math Games, Cool Puzzles, Mazes and Coloring Pages for Ki... - 74 views

    Cool Math is a game playing website. Most games require players to display logical and mathematical thinking to pass through game levels. No subscription is needed to access this site.
massicg - FREE Math Games | Spelling Games | Teacher Tools | Printables and Much... - 45 views

  • Featuring over 3,500 content pages, is one of the most popular destinations on the internet for parents, homeschoolers, teachers, and students. was created by Greg Nussbaum, a Virginia public school teacher with experience teaching 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classrooms.
Michele Rosen

Zaption - Interact & Learn with Video Lessons - 12 views

shared by Michele Rosen on 07 Sep 13 - No Cached
    Interesting idea, but a little too expensive for my situation.
    Turn online videos into interactive learning experiences
    that engage students and deepen understanding.
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