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Marc Patton

Intel Education - For K12 Education - 83 views

    Website put together by Intel that contains a vast amount of professional development resources (examples, theories, positive practice) for educators. Below is Intel's description of the page:\n\nIntel® Education enables 21st century teaching and learning through free professional development, tools, and resources that help K-12 teachers engage students with effective use of technology.
    Intel® Education enables 21st century teaching and learning through free professional development, tools, and resources that help K-12 teachers engage students with effective use of technology.
Kim Collazo

Only 2 Clicks - 61 views

    Jump into your favorite websites

20 Technology Skills that Every Educator Should Have | Digital Learning Environments - 171 views

  • could be/might be used in a classroom.

    1.    Google Tools Knowledge
    2.    Google Earth Knowledge
    3.    Wiki Knowledge
    4.    Blogging Knowledge
    5.    Spreadsheets Skills
    6.    Database Skills
    7.    Social Bookmarking Knowledge
    8.    Social Networking Knowledge
    9.    Web Resources in content area
    10.    Web Searching skills
    11.    Web2.0 Tools
    12.    Interactive White Board skills (SmartBoard and Promethean)
    13.    Website design and management skills
    14.    Presentation Tools
    15.    IM knowledge
    16.    Video and Podcasting

    lists skills with resources
    Useful re: Tech Competencies - 20 Technology Skills that Every Educator Should Have #edtech

50 Best Education Technology Blogs You Aren't Reading Yet - 173 views

    Technology and teaching - two words that seem to fit together perfectly today for most teachers and learners. So much so that a slew of new blogs have come on board to talk about education technology - or, edTech. This list of the 50 best education technology blogs are not inclusive, as there are so many new blogs available; however, if you look at links provided by many of these blogs to other edTech blogs, you may learn about even more blog that you aren't reading yet.
Chai Reddy

Teacher Evaluations May Get a Video Assist - - 26 views

  • Mr. Gates is tracking the research closely. The use of digital video in particular has caught his attention. In an interview, he cited its potential for evaluating teachers and for helping them learn from talented colleagues.
  • The meticulous scoring of videotaped lessons for this project is unfolding on a scale never undertaken in educational research, said Catherine A. McClellan, a director for the Educational Testing Service who is overseeing the process.

    By next June, researchers will have about 24,000 videotaped lessons. Because some must be scored using more than one protocol, the research will eventually involve reviewing some 64,000 hours of classroom video

Mark Swartz

Presentation: "Creative Commons: What every Educator needs to know" - eLearning Blog Do... - 115 views

    From my observations of some student presentations I invigilated recently I know there are clearly issues with students knowing and understanding what is legal and what is not when you use and re-use content or images you find on the Internet.

    Many of us already know about Creative Commons content and how it works, but I found this presentation, with audio slidecast, that I have also made available to staff and students alike, in the vain hope it'll make a difference. It is well worth listening to the 20 minute slidecast that accompanies this presentation, it brings the static pages to life.
david stong

Top Documentary Films - 99 views

    Free Documentaries Online
Mr. Stanley

Teaching Document Design, Not Formatting Requirements - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of H... - 69 views

    • LuAnne Holder
      This would be a great activity for introductions.
  • One of my colleagues asks her students to sketch their names using a typeface that conveys something about themselves
  • One thing I do is bring in the style manuals from different local companies and show students how each company expects different things
  • ...11 more annotations...
  • Students in all disciplines are more than capable of producing and analyzing visual work in amazingly rich and complex ways.
  • many faculty members continue to specify detailed formatting requirements for student writing.
  • Your paper must be double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman, with one-inch margins.
  • Such draconian formatting requirements stifle students’ creativity and cut off any critical thinking about what should be a crucial part of any writing-intensive classroom, namely visual design.
  • Teaching Document Design, Not Formatting Requirements
  • well-meaning and thoughtful teachers establish hard and fast formatting rules that may make their lives easier, but do a disservice to their students.
  • By making these requirements, we are telling them not to think critically—or even at all—about the visual layout of their documents.
  • We are telling them we value conformity over creativity, practicality over originality, our needs over theirs.
  • It all starts with students recognizing that design is a part of what they do when they write.
  • the rules we give our students should be negotiable, and in order for them to be negotiable, we need to talk to our students about those rules, why they exist, what the consequences of breaking or following them are, and so on.
  • Your paper should be readable and take into consideration the needs of your audience.  Most importantly, though, you should have fun and be creative with your design.
    Teachers need to allow their students more room to creatively use visual design, and at the same time, teach students to be aware. Forcing students to follow exact formatting requirements is counterproductive.

Project Based Learning | BIE - 65 views

shared by anonymous on 02 Dec 10 - Cached
    In Project Based Learning (PBL), students go through an extended process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge. Rigorous projects help students learn key academic content and practice 21st Century Skills (such as collaboration, communication & critical thinking). 
Thane Magelky

5 Innovative Classroom Management Tools for Teachers - 263 views

    "Few teachers are drawn to the profession for its administrative duties. But the reality of attendance taking, lesson planning, grading and parental communications is that they're a big part of the job.

    These tasks, however, need not take over. With help from the many online services and mobile apps designed for teachers, it can be easy to efficiently organize and complete classroom management responsibilities.

    Here are five of our favorite virtual tools for tackling some of the most common classroom chores."
Kristin Tarnas

Beyond Google - 15+ Tools and Strategies for Better Web Search Results - 147 views

    A helpful guide to facilitating successful web searches with students.

The Economics of Seinfeld - 67 views

    I saw this in my Diigo update and was just thinking of sharing it with you but then I saw your username haha!
Roland Gesthuizen

Drape's Takes: The Educator's Guide to the Creative Commons - 45 views

    "As not every teacher understands how to implement the Creative Commons into their curriculum, I thought I'd take a minute to explain how I would use it if I was in their shoes."
    A good illustration why creative educators like the creative commons.
Tim Hornbacher

Mixbook: If you like scrap booking you will love this - 150 views

    Even if you don't like scrapbooking (or afraid to admit it), you should check this one out.
Wayne Holly

Rapid E-Learning Workshop: How to Create a Tabbed Notebook » The Rapid eLearn... - 84 views

    The output of the workshop is an interactive tabbed notebook.
Wayne Holly

How to Solve PowerPoint's 3 Biggest Problems With Presentations | Mindflash - 121 views

    Being a PowerPoint geek can be a blessing and a curse.
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