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Stu's Quiz Boxes! - 156 views

  • if you use it, there is a cost. You MUST produce a good-quality Quiz Boxes question file on any subject and share it by emailing it to me for inclusion at this site. 
  • With the Question Editor, Teachers can create question files. Students can create question files. One class can create a question file for another class to use. Build question files that cover every Key Learning Area and topic
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  • remind people of the TV gameshow, Jeopardy
  • Stu's Quiz Boxes is available free of charge and contains no adware, spyware or other hidden nasties
  • Quiz Boxes can be played by up to 6 teams!
    Make review games for your interactive white board with Stu's Quiz Boxes.
donald smith

NewsHour Extra: Year-Round Schooling - August 8, 2001 - 27 views

  • 3,000 schools had year-round education programs last year.
  • less than four percent of all schools, but it's four times the number of students in year-round schools 10 years ago.
  • The traditional school-year calendar with early morning start times
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  • school calendars revolved around the harvesting
    Another news article discussing the views on year-round school. The article explains how the trend is continuing to grow and how there is often much misconception of the term "year-round." Year-round does not necessarily mean that the students will get fewer breaks than the traditional school hours. This article attempts to clear up some of the confusion involving the term "year-round" as related to grade school.
LaToya Morris

Class is in session...AGAIN!!!! - 13 views

    An ABC news clip about year-round school that discusses how parents and teachers feel about children attending school year -round. The clip discusses how some believe that year-round school is not beneficial and more expensive. They each have their own view on how the extra days help or hurt the students. There is also a short newspaper article accompanying the four minute clip.
LaToya Morris

Really NOT that beneficial - 11 views

    An article posted in Science Daily a few years ago the talks about how studies have shown the year-round students do not learn more than traditional school students. This information comes from test scores in math and science observed and compared over a year by a sociologist at the Ohio State University. They also explain that year-round school does not mean the students are in school more days.
LaToya Morris

United We Stand! - 7 views

    This site was established to support those who are for year-round schooling. It is the site of the National Association for Year-Round Education. On this site you can find a great deal of information supporting year-round schooling.
LaToya Morris

The Great Debate About Year-Round Schooling - 6 views

    A CBS news clip debating over year-round schooling. The news reporter speaks with representatives that are both for and against year-round schooling in Raleigh, NC where overcrowding is a huge problem. Both representatives gives their views and opinions on the topic.
LaToya Morris

Year-Round, the Solution - 5 views

    This source includes a number of publications about education. There is an article that states how year-round school may be the solution to various issues such as overcrowding, low performance levels, and uneffective instruction. The article is set up first addressing the idea, stating the problem then presenting the solution and how the solution would work.
LaToya Morris

Does it REALLY Matter?! - 8 views

    The author of this article discusses how she believes that the intersessions that school districts "rely on to remediate" are only making things worse and how students that have learning problems only continue to fall further behind.
LaToya Morris

The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY!!! - 5 views

    On this site, there are five articles by five different authors explaining their opinions of the pros and cons of having year-round schooling.
LaToya Morris

School....AGAIN?! - 7 views

    Another new article published in Education Week that discusses how the number of students attending school year-round has continued to grow throughout the years. The article explains how year-round schooling is not an extension of school but a reoganization of it. It also explains that there are different types of year-round school such as multi-track year-round schooling which primarily works to solve the problem of overcrowding in schools.
LaToya Morris

Fair Use is a Privilege - 29 views

    This source includes the four factors of fair use which according to Ball State University includes: the purpose and character of the use, the nature of the copytighted work, the amount and substantially used and the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.
donald smith

What is fair use? | Legal > Intellectual Property Law from - 16 views

  • fair use can include using copyrighted material for criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research.
  • purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright
  • Non-profit educational users will find judicial preference for their usage
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  • in literature, the courts will look at substantiality of the excerpt rather than mere volume
    This article listed on the All Business web site, gives the definition of the term fair use as well as the things to consider when determining fair use.
LaToya Morris

Copyright History - 24 views

    This is a helpful source for teachers to use in the classroom to help their students understand both copyright and innovation. It includes definitions and details about copyrighting as well as a lesson plan that can be used by educators to help their students better understand these principles.

Stages of PLN adoption | The Thinking Stick - 17 views

    • tab_ras
      Learn by doing - immersion...
    • tab_ras
      After the "honeymoon" period comes evaluation: how is the SNT working? How do you need it to work? Is it a productive addition to your workday? Or is it a burden? How do you feel when you receive information from the SNT?
    how one goes about starting a PLN, how do you monitor it, and how do you learn to shut it off
Kathy Malsbenden

Free Technology for Teachers: 10 US History Google Earth Tours - 146 views

  • ten Google Earth tours. These tours include major themes and events in US History. The list includes the Revolutionary War, the path to the Civil War, WWII, the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, Lewis & Clark's expedition, the Indian Removal Act, Pre-Columbian North America, the national parks system, and the 20th Century power grid. All of the tours include multiple images and references. Some of the tours also have "tour questions" for students to answer.
Doreen Stopczynski

20 reasons why students should blog | On an e-journey with generation Y - 181 views

      • It is FUN! Fun!….. I hear your sceptical exclamation!! However, it is wonderful when students think they are having so much fun, they forget that they are actually learning. A favourite comment on one of my blog posts is: It’s great when kids get so caught up in things they forget they’re even learning… :)   by jodhiay
      • authentic audience – no longer working for a teacher who checks and evalutes work but  a potential global audience.
      • Suits all learning styles – special ed (this student attends special school 3days per weeek, our school 2 days per week, gifted ed, visual students, multi-literacies plus ‘normal‘ students.
      • Increased motivation for writing – all students are happy to write and complete aspects of the post topic. Many will add to it in their own time.
      • Increased motivation for reading – my students will happily spend a lot of time browsing through fellow student posts and their global counterparts. Many have linked their friends onto their blogroll for quick access. Many make comments, albeit often in their own sms language.
      • Improved confidence levels – a lot of this comes through comments and global dots on their cluster maps. Students can share their strengths and upload areas of interest or units of work eg personal digital photography, their pets, hobbies etc Staff are given an often rare insight into what some students are good at. We find talents that were otherwise unknown and it allows us to work on those strengths. It allows staff to often gain insight to how students are feeling and thinking.
      • Pride in their work – My experience is that students want their blogs to look good in both terms of presentation and content. (Sample of a year 10 boy’s work)
      • Blogs allow text, multimedia, widgets, audio and images – all items that digital natives want to use
      • Increased proofreading and validation skills
      • Improved awareness of possible dangers that may confront them in the real world, whilst in a sheltered classroom environment
      • Ability to share – part of the conceptual revolution that we are entering. They can share with each other, staff, their parents, the community, and the globe.
      • Mutual learning between students and staff and students.
      • Parents with internet access can view their child’s work and writings – an important element in the parent partnership with the classroom. Grandparents from England have made comments on student posts. Parents have ‘adopted’ students who do not have internet access and ensured they have comments.
      • Blogs may be used for digital portfolios and all the benefits this entails
      • Work is permanently stored, easily accessed and valuable comparisons can be made over time for assessment and evaluation purposes
      • Students are digital natives - blogging is a natural element of this.
      • Gives students a chance  to show responsibility and trustworthiness and engenders independence.
      • Prepares students for digital citizenship as they learn cybersafety and netiquette
      • Fosters peer to peer mentoring. Students are happy to share, learn from and teach their peers (and this, often not their usual social groups)
      • Allows student led professional development and one more……
      • Students set the topics for posts – leads to deeper thinking
    Good reasons to allow student blogging Point being if it's fun they will love doing it, while enriching their knowledge at the same time.\nA great slant on multitasking.
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