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Mr. Stanley

Department of Psychology :: Principles of Learning :: University of Memphis - 62 views

  • The single most important variable in promoting long-term retention and transfer is "practice at retrieval"
  • -learners generate responses, with minimal retrieval cues, repeatedly, over time.
  • without relying on external memory aids.
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  • practice at retrieval has been shown to be more effective than merely spending more time studying the material without actively engaging in memory retrieval.
  • By doing so repeatedly, especially in varied contexts, the learner strengthens access to this information,
  • given minimal cues
  • two different effects. One is the "testing effect," in which intervening tests improves learning of concepts that are retrieved from memory
  • when intervening tests are spaced, two tests were more effective than a single test in improving long-term retention of material.
  • Compared to a cued-recall or recognition intervening test, a free-recall test produced better performance on a final test, regardless of the format of the final test.
  • Educational Applications
  • Align lectures, assignments and tests, so that important information will have to be remembered at different times
  • Have students retrieve this information in multiple ways by either varying the questions or context in which it is assessed:
  • During lectures, ask students questions to elicit responses that reflect understanding of previously introduced course material.
  • This serves the dual purpose of probing students' knowledge, so that misconceptions can be directly and immediately addressed in the lecture.
  • On homework assignments, have students retrieve key information from lectures and readings.
  • Chapter summaries, for instance, may include study questions that ask students to recall major points or conclusions to be drawn from the reading.
  • Encourage group studying in which students actively discuss course topics
  • test questions offer another opportunity for "practice at retrieval,"
  • Ideally tests should be cumulative and test items should probe for understanding of the material.
Cole Camplese

with iPod Touches - Learning Continuity - 77 views

    Various free apps that can be used in the classroom.
    This page is full of good apps for using iTouches as an intervention tool.
David Hurst

Free Online Grammar Check, Plagiarism, Spelling, and More | PaperRater - 210 views

  • analyzes documents immediately, 24/7, in real-time. We provide in depth analysis to help the student improve grammar and writing. Some of our features include:Plagiarism DetectionAuto GraderSpelling and Grammar CheckStyle and Word Choice AnalysisReadability StatisticsTitle ValidationVocabulary Builder tool
    A free plagiarism and writing checker
    Free (up to 6 pages of text) online grammar/spellcheck/etc. Based on a couple sample essays I uploaded, its advice is pretty spot on. Especially nice for online students who can't be in face-to-face workshops.
Javier E

Test-Taking Cements Knowledge Better Than Studying, Researchers Say - - 89 views

  • The Purdue study supports findings of a recent spate of research showing learning benefits from testing, including benefits when students get questions wrong. But by comparing testing with other methods, the study goes further.
  • the results “throw down the gauntlet to those progressive educators, myself included.”
  • “Educators who embrace seemingly more active approaches, like concept mapping,” he continued, “are challenged to devise outcome measures that can demonstrate the superiority of such constructivist approaches.”

Touch Trigonometry - 92 views

    En podemos mover el ratón para sincronizar el ángulo de la circunferencia izquierda con el valor de las diferentes funciones, cuyos gráficos aparecen a la derecha.

    Entender la relación existente entre los ángulos y las funciones, así como para ver los valores en grados y radianes de forma sencilla e intuitiva.

    Una herramienta simple, sin nada de flash en su contenido,
Holly Barlaam

Homespun Science Tunes - 118 views

    Awesome versions of pop songs with SCIENCE lyrics! Amazing.
Joline Blais

Op-Ed Contributor - End the University as We Know It - - 33 views

  • GRADUATE education is the Detroit of higher learning. Most graduate programs in American universities produce a product for which there is no market (candidates for teaching positions that do not exist) and develop skills for which there is diminishing demand (research in subfields within subfields and publication in journals read by no one other than a few like-minded colleagues), all at a rapidly rising cost (sometimes well over $100,000 in student loans).
    This is a must read. Taylor's push to eliminate departments sounds much like what Liz Coleman did at Bennington a few years ago.

text2cloud - 63 views

    Text2cloud is a collaborative effort to explore idea-driven writing with the web imagined as the primary destination. Engaging with the end of privacy, school violence, censorship, and the transformation of literacy, text2cloud aims to spur similar uses of multimedia for reflection, meditation, deliberation, and speculation--in sum, the introspective arts on associates with the life of the mind.
    Threads on campus violence, how the loss of privacy in the digital age is transforming life on campus, and how public life is changed by the proliferation of concealed cameras. Navigational makeover introduced to improve reading experience. Feedback welcome.
Deborah Baillesderr

USA Geography - Map Game - Geography Online Games - 131 views

    USA map to practice states & capitals
    Great site to help students with states, capitals, landforms, etc.

Technology Resources for Schools - 97 views

    On this wiki you will find resources for different educational applications, Web 2.0 and digital image and video resources. My name is Suzie Vesper and I work as an ICT Facilitator in New Zealand at the national level and within a school. Feel free to add your own ideas and resources to this site. If you do add some content, please add some information about yourself to my contributors page.

Tools for the 21st Century Teacher - 194 views

    An ebook that provides a comprehensive guide to Web 2.0 tools in the classroom.
Mark Trerotola

10 of the best apps for education - 178 views

    10 apps for iPhones, iPads, and iPods in education.
Dov Emerson

BBC News - Profile update: Your teacher has now joined Facebook - 38 views

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