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raya samet

CloudCanvas - 85 views

    CloudCanvas is an HTML-5 based image editing tool that sports some interesting features. You can work with vector and bitmap images, import files in JPG, GIF, and PNG from both online and offline sources, and save in PNG and SVG formats. CloudCanvas integrates with Google Docs so all your files can be saved securely there and imports images from the Open Clip Art Library, Google Images, and Deviant Art.
Ann Steckel

Splashup - 54 views

shared by Ann Steckel on 13 Jul 10 - Cached
Jonathan Wylie

Is there an iPhoto for Windows? Free Windows Alternatives to Apple's iPhoto - 38 views

    Unfortunately, there is no iPhoto for Windows computers. However, there are some great free alternatives like Picasa, and the Windows Live Photo Gallery, that will make you forget about an iPhoto for Windows in no time.
Sandy Munnell

Pixenate - Edit photos online, fast and easily - No plugins required. - 31 views

    editing tool, fairly quick response time, its not photoshop but useful
Martin Burrett

Cut mp3 online - - split, trim mp3 tracks - 58 views

shared by Martin Burrett on 15 Feb 10 - Cached
    From site: mp3cut is service that allows you to cut mp3 files on-line. From now on you don't need difficult programs to cut and create a melody for your cell-phone. Three simple actions and your melody is ready!
    A very simple, but useful site that cuts the length of mp3 tracks.,+Sound+&+Podcasts
Marty Daniel

Free video editing software list for all platforms. - 75 views

    an annotated list of free and open source video editing software for different platforms
    A great annotated list of free and open source video editing software for different platforms
Deborah Baillesderr

TubeChop - Chop YouTube Videos - 30 views

    The ability to specifiy a section of a youtube video to for comment is no longer limited to the YouTube comment feature. With TubeChop, you select the most interesting portion of a youtube video and share only that section either live or with the embed code that TubeChop generates.
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    Found a Youtube video that's too long? Chop out the piece you like with this webpage!
    Shorten any YouTube video
    This site allows you to shorten YouTube videos.
Ann Steckel

Oddcast - PhotoFace - 1 views

    amazingly cool and fun photo warping site
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