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matt oconnor

Content Curation Tools - The Newsmaster Toolkit by Robin Good - Mind Map - 57 views

    Content Curation Tools
matt oconnor

Why Curation Will Transform Education and Learning: 10 Key Reasons - 102 views

    "The Educational / Learning Climate Is Ready for Massive Change"
Stephen Bright

Digital Curation for Teachers | - 83 views

    digital curation page curated by Joyce Seitzinger @catspyjamasnz 
Inetta Emery

Understanding Content Curation - 70 views

  • My conclusion is that to do justice to using the term “curating” for educational resources, inquiry must be a part of the process. Part of this process is deciding what goes “in” to the collection – meaning many, many items are evaluated and set aside.
  • Themes have a common unifying element – but don’t necessarily explain the “why.” Theme supports a central idea – Context allows the learner to determine why that idea (or in this case, resource) is important. So, as collecting progresses into curating, context becomes essential to determine what to keep, and what to discard.
  • curating, it seems that collecting serves primarily the needs or interests of the collector. With curating, a larger goal is to benefit not only the collector, but other potential learners as well. It is meant to be shared. And, both the process and the product of curating help the curator as well as those who view the curated collection to understand and to learn.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • learning that it generates. It gets back to my belief that learning is a social endeavor.  Participatory learning leads to increased understanding.  This led me to my next big understanding
  • understanding as a result of this inquiry.
    good 'compare and contrast' between what is just collection of digital content resources and what the 'added value' of curation of digital resources means
Chris Carter

Readlists - 149 views

    Create an ebook from a group of webpages. Send to Kindle, iPad/iPod, or download as an epub (for Nooks and other readers).
    This site lets you bundle web pages for mobile devices
    Take any bunch of web pages and turn them into an e-book. gone are the days when you photocopy readers. Now, e-publish! Weightless, instant, and free!
Steve Gall

Keemix - Gather. Mix. Inspire. - 6 views

    Web curation with a magazine look.
Donna Baumbach

Ednovo - 13 views

    gooru search and teach search and study resources for any topic "learning is social"
web2write Idensen Curation Made Social | Instructional Design Fusions - 73 views

    Dianne Rees
Glenda Baker

Is Curation The Future of The Social Web? - 4 views

  • your “social graph” could help to make sense of the web again, to access not only content, but what is relevant to you. Ben Parr asked if Google+ was a new social media platform that was bringing a innovative way to share clusters of interests.
  • The debate around the need of filters, and how to be sure to find the “right” information
  • if we can be all creators, can we all be curators? Who should be the ones in charge of it? Journalists and educators were both examples of natural curators according to Burt Herman and Guillaume Decugis.
    Discussion about social media, filtering content and the art/skill of curation
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