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Cooperative Learning for Engagement by @smwordlaw - 23 views

    "What is the biggest cause of behaviour disruptions in classrooms? Engagement. In general, when children are 100% engaged, there's no room for disruptions, because they want to learn. Easier said than done. We all know that as teachers we are faced with problems on a daily basis that are out of our control; children coming to school with no breakfast, very little sleep, or consumed by anxiety or stress. So how do we combat these issues and engage all children?"

Teaching Empathy: Turning your lesson plan into a life skill - 57 views

    Cooperative learning techniques like jigsaw can become "empathy builders" - without sacrificing instructional time or learning goals.

Power in Numbers - 2 views

    New blog about all things teaching and learning.

10 Reasons the Tests Are Lowering Our Standards « Cooperative Catalyst - 94 views

  • Kids will work hard to learn, because they are naturally curious.
  • extrinsic motivation
  • extrinsic motivation, it moves to economic norms, where they learn to do the least possible work for the highest results
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • The test is longer than the Bar Exam or the MCATs. It’s insane
  • Students should be able to have instant feedback regarding how well they did.
  • two things vying for a student’s attention: the grade and the learning
  • Risk Aversion: Learning involves taking risks.
  • same myopic view of success

Teachers Have It Good « Cooperative Catalyst - 67 views

    "Teachers Have it Good"

Using Sophia as a Student Assessment Tool - 82 views

    Here is a great idea for using student learning activities for a public good by having students create web based lessons for others to be able to learn what they've learned about a topic.

Cooperative Group Problem Solving - 56 views

    Downloadable manual for creating and using cooperative group problem solving problems and laboratories.
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