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Bob Johnson

44 Benefits of Collaborative Learning - 63 views

    • Bob Johnson
      great point for the community colleges
Chris Betcher

Educators' Guide to Innovation - 46 views

    Welcome to our professional network for those interested in innovative practices happening in education.
Debra Gottsleben

It's Broken; Let's Fix It: The Traditional Model of School Librarianship « Th... - 51 views

    great post on school librarianship
Derek D'Angelo

Award-winning LMS for teachers and school administrators | Schoology - 80 views

    Modern VLE?
    Learning Management System
Donna Baumbach

Zunal WebQuest Maker - 71 views

    Zunal WebQuest Maker is a web-based software for creating WebQuests in a short time without writing any HTML codes.

lino - Sticky and Photo Sharing for you - 169 views

    Online stickies similar to Wallwisher, but with more options for notes and attachments.
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    Online stickies similar to Wallwisher, but with more options for notes and attachments.
    Lisa, the more I play around with linoit, the more I like. Thank you for the post.
    Web based cork board - kind of neat way to share ideas
Heidi Ames

Today's Meet - 125 views

shared by Heidi Ames on 22 May 10 - Cached
Stacy Olson liked it
    • Melissa Cameron
      I'm going to try this with a couple of my classes next week. I promise to let you know how it goes!
    • Ginger Lewman
      We'll be using this on our snowdays. Kids and teachers will meet in scheduled classes and continue to work using this as one of our tools.
    • Betsy Barnhart
      could also be used if you are sick and have a sub... maybe questions could be answered from home
    • John Marr
      This is great for PD or extra help. I am going to try it out.
    • Oktavian Mantiri
      Will definitely try this... especially with my extesion classes
    • Ann Lusch
      I once held a department meeting when I was out of the building using this. I have also used it while showing a movie to classes; students can comment and get questions answered right away.
    • Brad Klitzke
      I've used it during a video in class. Kids are able to pose questions to each other, provide comments, state their opinions and express themself. Worked great.
    • Brad Klitzke
      I have also used this at a conference so that our group could backchat during a key presenter
    • Ed Webb
      Plan to use it for discussion during class movie showing, for which I have in the past used Meebo rooms (no longer available) or piratepad: This looks like it might work very well.
    • Ann Lusch
      Recently I had 9th graders talking to each other and me while they read a selection from their text. A couple of students did not like it, but most said it was helpful in understanding the material they were reading.
    • Paul Solarz
      I use this often during my PBL activities. As students are researching, they post links to websites that are helpful for others and they post their ideas. At the end of the lesson, we look over the list one last time and make our whole-class decision based on our findings. My 5th graders love it and it has made their problem solving much better since it is based on research and collaboration.
    Instant chat room (with Twitter integration), for class "discussions"
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    4th graders used Today's Meet during Social Studies. They provided details related to a topic's main idea while studying a region of the United States. Worked great!
    Quick chat rooms on the fly.
    Kids communicate without talking and see each others words...very cool.
Aaron Shaw

Catapult design project - 33 views

    "Your team has been assigned the task of designing a catapult capable of delivering a specific projectile to a prescribed target. You will be loaned a generic catapult and a projectile for this project. "
Michele Brown

Edistorm - 51 views

    Online Brainstorming and Planning. Add a sticky note and post it online.
Glenn Hervieux

Zbang - One Place to Connect, Share & Collaborate with Everyone - 108 views

    Wow! What a cool application. I'm downloading it now and can't wait to use it. Check out the video demo.
Teenie Reddeck

50 Free Collaboration Tools That Are Awesome for Education | Accredited Online Colleges... - 147 views

    • Thinkfree. The free services here include document creation and sharing, file sharing, collaboration, and more.
      . The free services here include document creation and sharing, file sharing, collaboration, and more.
      • students create real-time outlines collaboratively.
      • Thinkature. Use this tool to collaborate, organize research and ideas, and prepare final projects.
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    • ThinkFold. Perfect for the planning stages of a group project, ThinkFold helps
      students create real-time outlines collaboratively.
    • wridea. A great way to keep brainstorming sessions documented and organized, this free tool is a must-have for groups working together.
Bob Rowan

Listphile - 60 views

    create collaborative lists, atlases, and databases
Nancy White

50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom | Smart Teaching - 128 views

  • Track participation: Assign a wiki page to a group project, and then individual pages for each student to show their participation.
    • Nancy White
      I like this idea. Moves towards student ownership of learning. This is an easy formative assessment piece to put in place.
  • Solving wiki: Post difficult math problems, such as calculus, so that the class can collaboratively solve them.
    great ideas for multiple uses of wikis - with examples of each, however some of these links don't work.
A Gardner

TitanPad - 95 views

    Like EtherPad; no registration required
    A super simple to use on-line tool for collaborative writing
    Lets people work on a document simultaneously.
Jeff Ferrell

Sleep Is Death (Geisterfahrer) - 47 views

    A Storytelling game for two players.
    This seems interesting; not sure how I might use it right off the bat, though. Be sure to check out the intro story:
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