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Robert Wells

The Life of Geoffrey Chaucer (c. 1343-1400) [Chaucer Biography] - 42 views

  • Chaucer went to the war in France.
    • Robert Wells
      What prompted Edward III to pay ransom for Chaucer's release? Did someone have the King's ear or was he a valued servant of the court?
  •   In the grant of his pension Chaucer is called "dilectus vallectus noster," our beloved yeoman; before the end of 1368 he had risen to be one of the king's esquires.
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  • Michaelmas,
    • Robert Wells
      Michaelmas = the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel.
  • In the second quarter of 1374 Chaucer lived in a whirl of prosperity.
  • During the next twelve or fifteen years there is no question that Chaucer was constantly engaged in literary work,
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  • In October 1385 Chaucer was made a justice of the peace for Kent.
  • Philippa Chaucer
  • In August 1386 he was elected one of the two knights of the shire for Kent, and with this dignity, though it was one not much appreciated in those days, his good fortune reached its climax.
  • While on the king's business, in September 1390, Chaucer was twice robbed by highwaymen,
  • In 1397 he received from King Richard a grant of a butt of wine yearly. For this he appears to have asked in terms that suggest poverty, and in May 1398 he o
  • btained letters of protection against his creditors, a step perhaps rendered necessary by an action for debt taken against him earlier in the year.
  • he died, on the 25th of the following October. He was buried in Westminster Abbey, and his tomb became the nucleus of what is now known as Poets' Corner.
  • the king granted him a pitcher of wine daily,
    • Robert Wells
      His literary period.
  • The development of his genius has been attractively summed up as comprised in three stages, French, Italian and English,
  • Boccaccio's
  • Petrarch's sonnets,
  • occaccio's Decamerone, a book which there is no proof of his having seen.
  • avour was shown him by the new king
  • On the 8th of June he was appointed Comptroller of the Custom and Subsidy of Wools, Hides and Woodfells and also of the Petty Customs of Wine in the Port of London.
  • ars old, and that he was still unma
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