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Greg Brandenburg

Technology Review: Unmasking Social-Network Users - 0 views

    Every person does a few quirky, individual things which end up being strongly identifying."
Sam Gliksman

Welcome to Shelfari! Read, Share, Explore! - 1 views

    Students can put book reports on this site and discuss books with other readers
Phil Taylor

Education 2.0 - Edmodo - Free Private Microblogging For Education - 28 views

  • strong and growing. Thank you!

    Mrs. Smokorowski

    Middle School Teacher
    Andover, Kansas

    • Kalin Wilburn
      If you are fearful of Facebook and MySpace then you need to create an Edmodo account. Edmodo was designed specifically for educational purposes. You must be a teacher, student, or parent to gain access. It allows you all the amenities of those other social networking sites but with a lot more security/privacy.
    • Maryalice Kilbourne
      You are so right. I already love edmodo!
    • Denise Krefting
      Is it COPPA Compliant?
    • Luv2ride
      I've used Edmodo for 3 years now. It has revolutionized my teaching to the degree that I don't know what I'll do if I ever have to stop using it.
    • Herb Schulte
      That is great question. And do you need parent permission for students to use it?
    • Jordan Moody
      Is it free?
    • Gil Anspacher
      Yes, it is free and you can manage student accounts. It is only open to those you invite in and only educators may obtain an account. You may monitor and moderate all conversations, administer quizes, embed media, etc. The groups feature is very effective and you may grant access to your group to other classes. We just had 700+ students interacting in a global collaboration project, Digiteen. Students do not need an email address to use Edmodo, so under 13 is OK for CIPA. It looks much like Facebook, so kids love it and parents need some education on it as they fear it at first. Parents can get monitoring access so they may monitor their child's activity. It is a great tool to show parents how social media is used in education.
    Social networking for teachers & students. Send homework, links, videos, participate in discussions, share ideas.
Julie Whitehead

Twtpoll :: From Simple Twitter Polls to Powerful Web Surveys. Social Media Feedback Tool. - 1 views

    multiple choice survey tool using twitter
Steve Ransom

When Dad Banned Text Messaging - Well Blog - - 0 views

    Article about parents' dilemma regarding allowing or forbidding their kids to text on their cellphones. Pros and cons are presented. Read the comments left by the readers. They're great!
Bronwyn Davies

20 Ways to use Twitter in Teaching - 0 views

    Examples for K-12 students
Ed Webb

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Education by Blog By Carol - 0 views

    Twitter in education - some of these ideas may help.
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