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Roland Gesthuizen

Questioning Toolkit - 149 views

    Each district should create a Questioning Toolkit which contains several dozen kinds of questions and questioning tools. This Questioning Toolkit should be printed in large type on posters which reside on classroom walls close by networked, information-rich computers. Portions of the Questioning Toolkit should be introduced as early as Kindergarten so that students can bring powerful questioning technologies and techniques with them as they arrive in high school.
Roland Gesthuizen

Learning | Inter.Connect.Ed - 40 views

    In a knowledge economy it's not about transmitting content, it's about giving students a 'High Order' question under which multiple outcomes hang. Then allowing the students to respond to the question using the resources provided, their prior learning and the worldwide library that is the internet.
Derrick Grose

slic 28-1 Roland Case - 24 views

    In this resource, Roland Case, and the Critical Thinking Consortium explore nine kinds of questions that can be posed of historical and contemporary drawings, paintings and photographs, and explore the "tools" that students need to cross-examine images in response to these different questions.
Shawn Roner

The Right Way to Ask Questions in the Classroom | Edutopia - 113 views

    Shawn Roner's Group
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