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Jac Londe

Canada: Facebook's 4 Big Privacy Fixes PC World - 0 views

    Canadian courts are pushing Facebook to clarify and enforce privacy issues that we should've demanded earlier -- but we still have a wish list.
paul lowe

A report says universities' use of virtual technologies is 'patchy' | Education | The G... - 1 views

    The "Google generation" of today's students has grown up in a digital world. Most are completely au fait with the microblogging site Twitter; they organise their social lives through Facebook and MySpace; 75% of students have a profile on at least one social networking site. And they spend up to four hours a day online. Modern students are happy to share and participate but are prone to impatience - being used to quick answers - and are casual about evaluating information and attributing it, and also about legal and copyright issues. With almost weekly developments in technology and research added to increasingly web-savvy students' expectations, how are British universities keeping up? Pretty well, according to Sir David Melville, chair of Lifelong Learning UK and author of a new report into how students' use of new technologies will affect higher education.
Greg Brandenburg

Technology Review: Unmasking Social-Network Users - 0 views

    Every person does a few quirky, individual things which end up being strongly identifying."
Dan Robinson

What Facebook Users Share: Lower Grades - TIME - 4 views

  • What Facebook Users Share: Lower Grades By Anita Hamilton Tuesday, Apr. 14, 2009 Print var artId= "1891111"; var chn = "bizTech"; var contType = "article"; Email Reprints Digg Facebook time:,8599,1891111,00.html Twitter MORE Add to my: Technorati reddit Google Bookmarks Mixx StumbleUpon Blog this on: TypePad LiveJournal Blogger WordPress MySpace var ad = adFactory.getAd(88, 31); ad.setPosition(8) ad.write(); Forget the widely unloved redesign. Facebook has committed a greater offense. According to a new study by doctoral candidate Aryn Karpinski of Ohio State University and her co-author Adam Duberstein of Ohio Dominican University
    Finally someone has admitted it, Facebook makes you dumber.
Lee-Anne Patterson

Follow Up to Befriending Students on Social Networks | An Expat Educator in Asia - 1 views

    There were a few comments sent to me personally about the post I put up yesterday about teachers and students "friending" each other on Facebook and other social networks. I can understand that many teachers were reluctant to use the comment function on the blog but I have to say that we desperately need to have these conversations!
Dave Powers

10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know - 0 views

    Everyday I receive an email from somebody about how their account was hacked, how a friend tagged them in the photo and they want a way to avoid it, as well as a num ...
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