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Martin Burrett

Resource: Mr Selfie Video - 16 views

    "Although many schools ban smartphones, the reality is that many pupils have them hidden away, or are an integral part of their lives once they leave the premises. The 'Selfy' phenomenon is clearly here to stay, but this video (created by London-based design and animation studio weareseventeen) illustrates how we can easily be distracted with our devices, missing out on the world around us - which could be useful for a discussion / assembly activity within schools when talking about online use or safety:"
Martin Burrett

UKEdMag: Mobile phones in lessons? by @MsGlynn2014 - 11 views

    I used to be a massive advocate of using mobile phones in lessons; the ways they could be used are just endless. I had students use them to research topics; find the answers to a question we didn't know, even as voting devices. I used them just rarely enough that students didn't take it as a given and rarely tried to use their phones for uses other than I intended. I even use them to avoid printing off sheet after sheet of homework, instead having students take a picture on their phone (with the added bonus that they can't lose the sheet).

40 Creative Ways to Use Cell Phones in the Classroom - 5 views

  • by Online Universities
  • So many ruminations on what smartphone technologies offer the wired classroom begin with some permutation of how, at first, cell phones are often the bane of teachers’ existence because they cause disruptions. This isn’t one of those ruminations. Let’s just go straight to the suggestions, shall we?
J Collado - 4 views

    Share document on the spot.
Aly Kenee

We Live in a Mobile World - Room for Debate - - 57 views

  • Given that reality, shouldn’t we be teaching our students how to use mobile devices well?
  • Right now, schools are resistant, fearing the disruption that mobile access might cause and the dangers that might lurk online
Jennifer Carey

Preparing for my Conference Talk - Cell Phones, From Enemy to Asset in the Cl... - 2 views

    I could use your input on a pending talk!
A Gardner

MediaShift . Why Schools Should Stop Banning Cell Phones, and Use Them for Learning | PBS - 74 views

    Polleverywhere anyone?
Debra Gottsleben

The Innovative Educator: 10 Proven Strategies to Break the Ban and Build Opportunities ... - 103 views

    Excellent article on using cell phones in class. Links to research, templates for lessons, letter etc. This is a much read!
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