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Eugene Brown

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started by Eugene Brown on 07 Feb 12
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  • Eugene Brown
    I'm kinda new to the digital world of music, if there's anyone joining the group who has knowledge about starting a home music studio, please hit me up. It's one of my main reason's for creating this group, so we can network, share and collab on lifelong friendship projects.
  • David Caulker
    I think I can help you out with any home studio concerns you might have.
  • Phillip Vasquez
    Im new as well but can say that i am in middle of my recording studio build. I have builta 2 full room recording studio. i currently have 67 hours in to my build and i must say im so pumped because it looks beyond what i could imagine. Anything i can do to help answer questions feel free to ask away. If you like you could add me on ichat at
  • levita johnson
    Hello i am new here so far i am loving the music production field. I enjoy music and many more. I have my own music group i enjoy listening to different kinds of artist.
  • Dejuan Hunt
    Hello I thought I knew just about all I needed to know but to find out i was missing a lot of no how. I owned too in home studio's and one big professional studio. I felt what's the big deal owning them and don't know anything about running one that's why I'm taking music production and yes I will be needing some help this is all new to me.
  • cecil coats
    Im new as well and I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Im trying to build a basement studio nothing to big just the basics. You can reach me at or
  • James Hill
    I too have a home studio and a mobile studio and everybody be like wow that sounds great you must have Pro Tools and I reply yup. But the truth is I have Pro Tools but don't use it I been using Adobe Audition before Full Sail University sent me a copy and I feel if it aint broke don't fix it. Plus I was warned not to put Pro Tools on my Macbook Pro. I use Izotope Ozone 5 Advanced to master and it leave my clients very happy with my work. #noprotoys
  • Keeartris Love
    Depends on what exactly you want to achieve. Making beats; fruity loops is pretty easy to use, can use all your VSTs, and sounds great. Pro-tools is the industry standard for audio recording, but takes a bit to learn. Although is you can master it, you'll never have to use anything else. Protools 9 and 10 now enable you to use your own Digital Audio converter, with the MAC you can utilize the on board sound card. If you prefer something with a simpler learning curve and have a MAC you may appreciate Logic Pro. The only other thing youll need is a decent pair of monitors, some pretty good headphone (I use the Beats Pro) and some type of midi controller.
  • Gene Allen
    Hello everyone. I'm Gene and my contact info is I've been producing music at the novice level for years and am attending Full Sail to take my talents into deep space and beyond. I have a computer and software based home recording studio consisting of an iMac 24", Logic Pro 9, NI Maschine 1.7.2 (had it since 1.0), Ableton Live Suite 8 and soon, Pro Tools 10 courtesy of Full Sail. What do you guys use, how long have you been at it and what do you want to accomplish? If you guys have any questions that I can possibly help out with, please don't hesitate to hit me up.
  • Masiya Carlisle
    Hello All!! My name is Masiya and I'm also looking for advice about sound proofing my home studio. I have been teaching my self to record and edit music for years. I'm excited to learn even more and improve myself in a major way by going to Full Sail. I hope to get the chance to collaborate with some of you all soon. Feel free to add me to message/ichat --> I pretty much always on. If I can help anyone in anyway I will!
    hello masiya,,,
    i hope this will help a bit..

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