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Leigh Blackall

'Role Based Design' An evaluation of a 'schediogogical' (ski.dio.gogical) approach fo... - 0 views

    The main thesis of this research report is that to systemically develop Organisational eLearning Design capacity there first needs to be systemic and targeted Mentoring of eLearning 'Team Leaders' and One to One Tutoring of Teachers as 'Designers' in order to catalyse Teamwork
Leigh Blackall

Pivot - Grants database - 0 views

    Maybe accessible to La Trobe accounts only
Leigh Blackall

Leigh Blackall: Searching for the blockages in Australian Universities - 0 views

    I'd like to find out exactly what Jane and Jim are referring to, if it's reasonable to say that such regulation is stifling innovation, or rather if what I've always thought the problem to be - that the premise and traditions of education, copy-cat administration, and narrow approaches to ICT, are the true-er reasons for lack of innovation.
Leigh Blackall


    • Leigh Blackall
      TEQSA Accredits courses only, not units of study. So there may be difficulty in getting new units or subjects up, that are not attached to an accredited course.
  • Objects   4. Simplified outline  
  • 16. Principle of proportionate regulation  
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • 41. Applying to self-accredit courses of study
    • Leigh Blackall
      DO universities self accredit?
  • 58. Making the Higher Education Standards Framework
  • 134. Functions and powers
Leigh Blackall


    • Leigh Blackall
      What does this mean: "This Division does not of its own force require a higher education provider to do any act or thing"?
  • 19.15. Provider must maintain quality  
  • ...15 more annotations...
  • Compliance with the tuition assurance requirements  
    • Leigh Blackall
      The Minister may, by declaration in writing, exempt a specified higher education provider from the requirement in subsecti
  • 19.102. Meaning of fee
    • Leigh Blackall
      Commonwealth contribution pays for offering open online course. Student contribution is paid when assignments are submitted, and assessment is required.
  • Provider to have policy upholding free intellectual inquiry
  • Funding agreement to be published
  • 33.10. Commonwealth contribution amounts
  • Advice on whether a person is a Commonwealth supported student  
  • The Other Grants Guidelines   41.10. Eligibility for grants under this Part
    • Leigh Blackall
      Is there a difference between COmmonwealth COntribution, Commonwealth Grant, and COmmonwealth Scholarships?
  • 46.35. Rollover of grant amounts  
    • Leigh Blackall
      IS this a contradiction?
  • 90.10. Students not entitled to HECS-HELP assistanc
  • Subdivision 104-C--Bridging courses for overseas-trained professionals 104.45. Meaning of bridging course for overseas-trained professionals   104.50. Assessment statements   104.55. Meaning of assessing body   104.60. Meaning of listed professional occupations   104.65. Occupation includes part of an occupation   104.70. Requirements for entry to an occupation
    This Act primarily provides for the Commonwealth to give financial support for higher education and certain vocational education and training:  (a)  through grants and other payments made largely to higher education providers; and  (b)  through financial assistance to students (usually in the form of loans).
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