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Rhonda Adams

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anti smoking slogans

started by Rhonda Adams on 11 Oct 12
  • Rhonda Adams

    Apr 20, 2009 · Following are some Sample Anti-Smoking Jingles /Slogans / Rhymes coined by me.In these Jingles, we could swap the words SMOKING and TOBACCO, …
    Anti Smoking Slogans - It is very important to make people aware of harmful effects of smoking as it has effected some or the other in more than one way. Anti smoking.
    Slogans for Anti Smoking. Links shared publicly online about this topic
    Winston Tastes Good, Like a Carcinogen Should What's So Lucky about Lucky Strike? The Marlboro...
    Smoke away your worries, not your lungs. Tags:5 rating, 5 votes)
    How To Stop Smoking Tips. Using creative ads and slogans for Anti anti smoking slogans Smoking to fight smoking epidemics: Smoking is an expensive, unattractive and unhealthy addiction.
    Mar 06, 2012 · Quit smoking. It kills!! This is just one of the popular anti-smoking slogans that almost each one of us has heard of. Slogans have been an effective part.
    Taking in something that your vehicles spit out is not something that doesn't appeal. Then why is it that the world has to struggle to get smokers to understand that.
    Smoking slogans and sayings such as Be Smart don't start and Tobacco is wacko might get people thinking about the dangers of smoking.
    No smoking slogans and quit smoking phrases - funny and catchy slogans to support anti-smoking. Hope this quit and stop smoking slogans can help you to encourage.
    Oct 06, 2006 · Best Answer: STOP...and take a step in the right direction! QUIT NOW...Your life depends on it. THINK... about it.. smoking …
    anti smoking slogans
    I figured it might be a little fun to list the top ten slogans I found over

    anti smoking slogans

    the internet about anti-smoking. These are fun to use on a smoker, to convince
    With so many campaigns going on now to discourage people from smoking, it is little wonder that everywhere you look there are anti-smoking slogans.
    At least half of the world seems to get pleasure from the habit of smoking. The other half however seems to be really up against it. From anti smoking verdict to zero.
    Feb 28, 2007 · At least half of the world seems to enjoy the pleasures of smoking. However, the other half seems to be really up against it. From anti smoking laws to.
    Anti Smoking Slogans Anti Smoking Slogans. Quit smoking. It kills !! This is just one of the prominent anti smoking slogans that almost each one of us has actually.
    Sponsored Links. It is sad but true that the "Tak Nak" campaign is a flop, the project was awarded to Limkokwing Integrated and it was suppose to bring down the.

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