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Diego Morelli

Microformats for News Articles: the hNews Standard - 0 views

    "A new microformat for online news has been developed by the Media standards Trust and the Web Science Reaseach Initiative: it's called hNews.
    The goal is to make relevant elements of news articles machine-readable, and at the same time, to disply these metadata in a user-friendly format. ....."
Diego Morelli

Semantic Data: Twine and its Successor T2 - 0 views

    Hopefully by the end of the year, the semantic search technology of Twine will make a further step into the construction of structured data on the Web, and its successor T2 will be released.

    From an interview with Nova Spivack (CEO of Radar Networks, the company behind Twine) we can argue four main points..........
Diego Morelli

The Future Internet: Service Web 3.0 - Video & Transcription - 0 views

    Here's a great video presentation I found about the Semantic Web; I transcripted all the main parts here below.
    Text transcription:
    The Internet as we know it today is in an extending success: more than 1.300.000.000 (1,3 billions) people are connected to the Web across the globe.
    In 2006, 161 EB of informations were created or replicated world wide.
    IDC estimates the increase over 6 times this metric by 2010 - to 988 EB, or to 1 ZB a year.......
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