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Boko Haram attacks northeastern Nigerian city, scores killed - 0 views

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    In fierce fighting Sunday that killed more(a) 200 combatants, Nigerian troops clashed with Islamic extremists who attacked Maiduguri, the biggest city in northeastern Nigeria, from three fronts.

    While doing so the insurgents continued scorched-earth attacks on villages some 200 kilometers (125 miles) to florida in Adamawa state, slitting throats of residents, looting and burning homes and abducting a multitude of trapped as well as children, in accordance with Vandu Kainu and also other escaping survivors.

    Adamawa state legislator Adamu Kamale appealed for troops to defend civilians in Michika, where six villages they are under attack. "The attacks have continued since Friday without the need of presence of security operatives," he complained.

    The multiple attacks come as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited Lagos, Nigeria's commercial capital nearly 1,000 miles (in excess of 1,500 kilometers) southwest of Maiduguri, to encourage peaceful elections on Feb. 14 in Africa's most populous country.

    "This is the greatest democratic election around the continent," Kerry said. "Given the stakes, it's absolutely critical that these elections be conducted peacefully - they are credible, transparent and accountable."

    Kerry met with President Goodluck Jonathan with his fantastic chief rival candidate, former military dictator Muhammadu Buhari. Kerry told reporters afterward he won pledges from both to stay away from violence.

    He also issued advice: Anyone accountable for inciting post-election mayhem will probably be barred admission to america, where countless Nigerians live.

    Kerry promised more U.S. support within the combat with Boko Haram should the elections take place peacefully and democratically.

    A lot more than 800 everyone was killed in northern protests after Buhari, a Muslim northerner, lost 2011 elections to Jonathan, a Christian on the south.

    Boko Haram has denounced democracy and would like to make an Islamic state of Nigeria, whose population of approximately 170 million is divided almost equally between Muslims inside north and Christians south.

Now 25, over told detectives she was kidnapped in August 2004 by way of a man who lived... - 0 views

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    Isidro Garcia, 41, was taken into custody on Tuesday on suspicion of kidnapping, rape, lewd acts with a minor and false imprisonment, good police statement. The woman escape comes a year after three Ohio women famously escaped coming from a home in suburban Cleveland, telling authorities that they been held captive there for years and abused by their captor, Ariel Castro. Castro pleaded guilty to 937 counts including aggravated murder for forcing on the list of women, whom he previously impregnated, to miscarry. He is discovered hanged in her cell monthly in to a life in a death later ruled a suicide. Inside the California case, the young woman's mother reported her missing, in addition to Garcia, soon there after he fled the property back with her daughter. Their whereabouts remained unknown for one more several years. The girl told authorities that Garcia, who lived with her family, began sexually abusing her in June of 2004 and took her through the range in August of these year after assaulting her mother, police said. Police said she told them that, around the nights her abduction, Garcia drugged her and locked her overnight inside a garage in Compton, about 20 miles away. He moved with all the teenager more than once during the following months and years, police said, telling her that close relatives had stopped looking for her and could well be deported if she attemptedto contact them. Garcia frequently assaulted the lady physically and sexually over the next a decade, forcing her into marriage in 2007 and later impregnating her, she told police. Police said Garcia arranged for each of these to work on a nighttime cleaning service so he help keep follow her and this she saw no way to flee.

10 Things to See: A week of top AP photos - 5 views

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    U.S. Senator Ron Johnson filed case on Monday challenging the best way President Barack Obama's healthcare law is now being used on Congress, part of an increased Republican strategy to highlight the things they see as critical flaws in Obama's signature domestic policy. Dallas Escort

    Johnson, of Wisconsin, is challenging a U.S. agency decision allowing the us government to prevent paying portion of the costs of medical care insurance for U.S. lawmakers in addition to their staffs who must buy coverage with the Obamacare marketplaces.

    He said your choice singled them out for "special treatment" that other Americans don't end up being.

    The senator's lawsuit was the very first salvo fired at Obamacare from Capitol Hill as lawmakers returned to be effective after having a recess. Dallas Escort
    More blasts are coming; the House of Representatives Republican leadership is planning votes in a few days aimed at the security and transparency on the federal government's health insurance coverage website,

    The Affordable Care Act, passed last year and popularly known as Obamacare, mandated that Americans have health care insurance or pay a penalty, and will be offering subsidies that will help lower-income people use it. Regulations created new online marketplaces where Americans can shop for and purchase insurance, with the goal of applying a lot of uninsured and underinsured people.

    Signups for 2014 insurance plan began October 1. But was glitch-ridden for much of the primary two months of operation, bolstering the criticisms of Republicans that have long opposed the ambitious reach and mandates with the new law.

    More than two million many people have decided upon new private health plans that took relation to January 1, and the ones have since had the oppertunity to work with their new Obamacare coverage.

The Puzzle with the Glowing blue Fire flames : Kawah Ijen Volcano, Indonesia - 1 views

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    Within moments, he pivoted, accusing Republicans of "never ending obstruction" to President Barack Obama's proposals over the last a few years.

    A test vote about the unemployment bill ?a the year's first showdown ?a was postponed within the eleventh hour until Tuesday morning at the behest of Republicans, who noted which more than a number of lawmakers had been struggling to come back to Washington because of rainwater.

    Even then your rhetoric was heated. "It's transparent this can be a political exercise," said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, moments before Reid accepted the delay.

    Democratic supporters from the three-month extension of jobless benefits said these people were close to the 60 votes were required to advance the White House-backed bill. Their chances hinged on securing backing from four or five Republicans in combination with Sen. Dean Heller of high-unemployment Nevada, a co-sponsor.

    The Senate plunged into an election-year session Monday that promises to be long on political maneuvering significantly less the like accomplishment, originating in a slow-motion struggle over legislation to renew lapsed jobless benefits for your long-term unemployed.

    "I'm optimistic, cautiously optimistic, that the new year will take a renewed spirit of cooperation to this chamber," said Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., while in the first remarks of the year on the Senate floor.
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