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Christina Cantrill

Curriculum Development and Youth Media | DML Hub - 1 views

    At the outset we identified the emerging tendency towards centrifugality in the 'reimagineering' of the curriculum for the future. Have we come any closer to working out the implications of 'centrifugal schooling'? Do we still believe that centrifugal schooling represents the future-for better or worse-for organized education? What does centrifugal schooling mean for curriculum development? How does centrifugal schooling engage with youth media? These remain open questions.
Christina Cantrill

Programmable Pedagogy: Reconfiguring the Future of Learning | DMLcentral - 0 views

  • This definition allows us to understand the formal education provided by schools and informal learning alike as forms of pedagogy.
  • Code constitutes the "hidden curriculum of electronically mediated learning."
Christina Cantrill

Walk Out Walk On - 1 views

Christina Cantrill

curriculum theory and practice - 0 views

  • However, process and praxis models of curriculum also present problems in the context of informal education.  If you look back at at our models of process and compare them with the model of informal education presented above then it is clear that we can have a similar problem with pre-specification.  One of the key feature that differentiates the two is that the curriculum model has the teacher entering the situation with a proposal for action which sets out the essential principles and features of the educational encounter. Informal educators do not have, and do not need, this element.  They do not enter with a clear proposal for action.  Rather, they have an idea of what makes for human well-being, and an appreciation of their overall role and strategy (strategy here being some idea about target group and broad method e.g. detached work).  They then develop their aims and interventions in interaction.  And what is this element we have been discussing?  It is nothing more nor less than what Stenhouse considers to be a curriculum! 
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