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Gary Brown

Cross-Disciplinary Grading Techniques - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 1 views

  • So far, the most useful tool to me, in physics, has been the rubric, which is used widely in grading open-ended assessments in the humanities.
  • This method has revolutionized the way I grade. No longer do I have to keep track of how many points are deducted from which type of misstep on what problem for how many students. In the past, I often would get through several tests before I realized that I wasn’t being consistent with the deduction of points, and then I’d have to go through and re-grade all the previous tests. Additionally, the rubric method encourages students to refer to a solution, which I post after the test is administered, and they are motivated to meet with me in person to discuss why they got a 2 versus a 3 on a given problem, for example.
  • his opens up the opportunity to talk with them personally about their problem-solving skills and how they can better them. The emphasis is moved away from point-by-point deductions and is redirected to a more holistic view of problem solving.
    In the heart of the home of the concept inventory--Physics
Joshua Yeidel

THINK Global School Blog - 3 views

    "A recent experiment we did asked the question: What happens if you combine lessons from web 2.0 and social media to the process of developing a rubric? The result? We've built what we call "Social Rubrics". Essentially this tool facilitates the process of building a rubric for teachers (and students) in a much more open and collaborative way." A plug-in for Elgg.
Lorena O'English

Connecting Assessment | Remote Access - 3 views

    This is directed to K-12, but of interest - he discusses his rubric for social media interaction (note the link to a rubric for blogging in the first paragraph as well).
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