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Contents contributed and discussions participated by donald loeffelholz

donald loeffelholz

Top Reasons For Growing Statistics Of Online Students - 0 views

    All of us are taking at least this class online and this site actually gives many reasons why it is the best way to further your education. It has many links to help with finding different academic programs, schools, how to read a course descriptions and things like that. I found this site very helpful when I was looking for schools to attend soley online.
donald loeffelholz

Going mobile - 0 views

    This paper talks about how mobile devices are helping businesses and the working class but also explains how it is becoming a intusion. We never really dove to deep on how technology sometimes hurts what we are trying to do in society.
donald loeffelholz

Cloud computing by the numbers: What do all the statistics mean? - 0 views

    This was a pretty neat paper that I read last week when we were talking about cloud computing and the "what is the future" type of discussions. The $ amounts are unbelievable to me in that over $16 billion was the number given for 2010
donald loeffelholz

African Americans Online - 0 views

    Here is another report that shows different miorities that are consumers on-line, their media usage, computer and internet usage, and on line activities.
donald loeffelholz

Internet Use Among College Students: - 0 views

    I found this site a few months ago when we discussing this topic. I found it very interesting that there is still a gap between the different races. In reading what the Pew team found and what this one did, it was very interesting.
donald loeffelholz

Sexting 101 Guide For Parents - 0 views

    This was a great site that I used for my paper. It gives general information and the rest of these things on their site. I would recommend checking this out if you are interested in this topic!!

    Table of Contents
    Definition & Background
    Sexting Statistics
    Similarities & Differences to Offline Behavior
    Harmful Effects
    Recognizing if Sexting has become a problem with your teen
    What to do if you discover your child is involved in a situation involving sexting…
    Laws that Help
    External Resources
    Terms Associated with 'Sexting'
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