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Giovanni Gentili

Open Digital Agenda #umbriadigitale | Umbria Region (Italy) - 0 views

David Price - 1 views

  • is a web-based tool for citizen involvement in legislative change in Latvia. 15% of Latvians are reported to have used the tool and two new laws have been passed as a result.
David Price

Government Designed for New Times - 0 views

    An anthology of essays from the McKinsey Center for Government (written by political leaders, civil servants, economists and policy experts) exploring the approaches that governments around the world are taking to common, emerging problems.
Alberto Cottica - Make and browse access to information requests - 0 views

    Nifty website for querying any EU bodies. They are bound to answer under a sort of FOIA.
Alberto Cottica - 1 views

    Open government data index. Pretty tricky weighted average with subjective parametric weights.
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