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started by beachhoneymoon on 08 Aug 14
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    Great atmosphere, picturesque villages, magnificent pristine beaches... Cala Luna fulfills dreams, and that is even an understatement on some levels. It's hard to choose the best beaches on the island, and each may seem more beautiful than the previous. However, there is no doubt that natural features and environment of some beaches like Cala Luna endow a special charm. If you ever need to stay over, it's best to book a room at one of the luxurious Cala Luna Beach Hotel & Villas.

    Cala Luna is one of the most admired beaches in the area, a beautiful crescent-shaped bay where the beautiful colored turquoise waters caress the fine white sand. Caves and Costa Rica honeymoon packages. high rocky cliffs sit high above the beach as well. The natural quality of the beach is somewhat unusual, as is the relaxing atmosphere that permeates the 700 meters of shoreline. In addition to ensuring a pleasant dip, Cala Luna is an ideal place for diving and snorkeling.

    Cala Luna is the most popular beach of the Gulf of Orosei, mainly for being the closest to the main population, Cala Gonone, but also because it is a tremendously unique beach. The beach itself is quite long, but its waters are stunningly clear. The spectacular cliffs and caves that surround it make one think about the coast of Southeast Asia. All it lacks is the colorful tropical fish to look like the beaches in southern Thailand. However, the local Costa Rica luxury beach hotel makes up for any discomforts you might have with a great night's sleep!

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    Cala Luna has the advantage of being accessible by land (but not by driving). In fact, you can get there via a path from Cala Gonone. It offers amazing views of the cliffs in the area. Yes, you should go well equipped with hiking boots and walk the 4 hour journey (2 hours there and 2 hours back). For more information you can visit

    If you get tired of both sun and beach, the Mediterranean area of the coast is a perfect retreat for shelter in the shade of trees surrounded by the lush vegetation of the area. There is only a simple bar and restaurant, making it the perfect place to relax. The area does get crowded during certain times of the year so make sure you plan accordingly. The nearest airport is Olbia on the Costa Smeralda if you are looking to get away. For more on Cala Luna, visit calaluna today.

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