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Jeff Johnson

YouTube: Top 10 YouTube Hacks - 0 views

    Summer's ending, and with it goes a certain sense of taking it easier, relaxing a bit at the office-you know, caching up on all that YouTube browsing you skip when there's real work to be done. The popular video sharing site is a great resource (and source of entertainment) that gets better with the right add-ons, plug-ins, third-party tools, and clever usage. Let's take a look at the best ways to get better video, download clips, and just find the video you're looking for at YouTube, so you can get more from your guilty pleasure.
Dwayne Abrahams

Make Any Printer AirPrint Compatible - 17 views

    AirPrint is definitely one of the more convenient features of iOS 4.2.1 and thanks to a new tool you can turn any printer connected to your Mac or Windows PC into an AirPrint compatible printer. The utility is called AirPrint Hacktivator and it's very easy to use, this is a much simpler method than using the prior hack to manually enable AirPrint in Mac OS X 10.6.5.
Allison Kipta

8 hacks to make Firefox ridiculously fast | News | TechRadar UK - 0 views

    "Firefox has been outperforming IE in every department for years, and version 3 is speedier than ever. But tweak the right settings and you could make it faster still, more than doubling your speed in some situations, all for about five minutes work and for the cost of precisely nothing at all. Here's what you need to do."
Allison Kipta

Yahoo! Media Player - 0 views

    # Adds audio to your site with one line of HTML # Uses simple, easy-to-hack HTML instead of complicated proprietary markup, ushering in the REAL Media Web # Magical floating design never gets lost, is available when you need it, gets out of your way when you don't need it # Automatically finds all audio links on your page, turning your page into a playlist # Plays all your blog entries with a single button click # Allows you to put the play buttons where they belong: IN CONTEXT # Keeps the user in the page rather than sending them away to a media player # Picks up your images and adds them as cover art # Requires no download, install or maintenance
Fred Delventhal

Hackasaurus - 9 views

    Hackasaurus makes it easy to mash up and change any web page like magic. You can also create your own webpages to share with your friends, all within your browser.
Lisa Winebrenner

Little Brother » A word to teachers, librarians, and people who want to donat... - 11 views

    "If you're a teacher or librarian and you want a free copy of Little Brother, email with your name and the name and address of your school. It'll be posted below by my fantastic helper, Olga Nunes, so that potential donors can see it."
Tom julick

Ipod Cassette Adapter Car MP3 Player SD Memory Card Reader - 0 views

    Some times being old school is not that bad, especially you own an old car and want to listen your tunes on the road. Then, you need to think about this - IPod cassette adapter. It takes a shape of the cassette tape but different technology. Convert digital music to analog and play it in your car cassette player. To be more convenient, it allows SM card reading and mp3 files.
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