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Cerese Godfrey

Cerese's Conversations - Cerese Godfrey [CereseG] on Plurk - 0 views

shared by Cerese Godfrey on 26 Sep 09 - Cached
  • cfox2saysalong the bottom there is a plurk lottery where
  • g_teachasksGingerTPLC to check her PPsKathsaysgood evening all. Just got home from Baker class. 24 students in class this evening. Lots of questio
  • CereseGhatesto think of going to work the rest of this year. I am so tire of this upheavals!!...111/11StacysaysSo, if you're 15 and you cry, you can get through to the male judges?...51/11Stacysaysshould I shovel now or wait until tomorrow?...12g_teachsaysdownloaded a chess app for my iPod4bknittlewonderswhich of my plurk pals will be heading to EduCon....2McTeach Seriously, I absolutely hate leaving a meeting feeling that angry at how MY time is of no value to administrators!...1elainejsaysday was mtgs from start to now. Yikes! Need to go to the groc then home to take something for my throat....Godtessshareshave you seen My Blackberry is not Working? ...3Amy Cordova I am tired!1/11Stacysayscheck it out: contracts negotiated, proposals written - now wait on 6 boards to approve or deny, 15 others are onboard!...9angiemc99askswhen something has to go in your day...what do you drop? (Due to lack of time)
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Jeff Johnson

Timelines - 21 views

    Wikipedia defines a timeline as a kind of graphic design showing a long bar labeled with dates alongside itself and (usually) events labeled on points where they would have happened. Here are some tools educators can use to create timelines.
jodi tompkins

mathfuture - Egyptian math - 12 views

    Get live weekly events that deal with math.
Jeff Johnson

Freepath - 0 views

    Say goodbye to embedded links, file conversions and movie downloads. Freepath's easy-to-use playlist lets you tell it like it is. Simply drag and drop original files into the playlist or add pointers out to anything on the web and instantly, you can mash up all your favorite stuff together for presentations, classes, web meetings or fun events.
Heather Hurley

Museum Box Homepage - 0 views

    his site provides the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box.T
Joseph Alvarado

PictureSET - 23 views

    PictureSET is a collection of downloadable visual supports that can be used by students for both receptive and expressive communication in the classroom, at home, and in the community. This searchable database allows you to find a wide range of useful visual supports for different curriculum areas, activities, and events. PictureSET resources are created and updated by dedicated professionals working with students in British Columbia.
Ginger Lewman

GradeMate | Free Online Student Organizer - 26 views

    "Organize Your Education!™ GradeMate is a powerful online organizer for teachers and students to keep track of their courses - from managing grades, assignments, and events to sharing files, course notes, and class discussions."
Jeff Johnson

Preceden - The Easiest Way to Make a Timeline - 31 views

    * Create a timeline for almost anything * Add multiple layers to keep events organized * Keep your timelines private or share them with others * Preceden is completely web-based and 100% free
Lisa Winebrenner

Google Teacher Academy Resources: Google Calendar - 18 views

    Agenda: Intro, What can Google Calendar do for you? What can Google Calendar do for your class and students? What can Google Calendar do for you school? Taking Google Calendar to the next level, Hands-On, Wrap-Up
    What can you do with Google Calendar?
Victoria G

NerdcoreLearning Two-Part Giveaway Announcement - 8 views is a publishing start-up devoted to developing unique study-aids for medical and health-sciences students. The creators are two docs who have combined their knowledge of medici...

free resources learning teaching tools education scrubtops mnemonics medical doctors nurses

started by Victoria G on 09 Feb 10 no follow-up yet
Lisa Winebrenner

Educon - the Twitter event » Thoughts from a tech specialist… - 9 views

    Nearly 7000 tweets and almost 1000 Twitterers later, Educon has come to a close. I had the pleasure of following virtually via the Elluminate rooms SLA had set up and by following the #educon hashtag in my Tweetdeck panel. It was great for those of us that were unable to attend in person and we thank SLA for setting this up for us.
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