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Lisa Winebrenner

Dynamic Periodic Table - 25 views

    An interactive periodic table
    Ptable began in 1997 and continues today Use the check boxes at the top of the page to dynamically switch between simple, with names, with electron configuration, and inline inner transition metals. View as much or as little information as you'd like. If you haven't clicked any layouts, they will automatically switch to fit the width of your screen as you resize.
Jeff Johnson

Atomic Mac/PC - Periodic table of the elements for the Macintosh and Windows - Periodic... - 0 views

    The Atomic Mac/PC is the award winning periodic table of the elements for the Macintosh. In addition to the usual information found in such programs, The Atomic Mac/PC also contains a wealth of nuclear information on each isotope, including half life, decay mode, and daughter products. No other periodic table of the elements has more data than The Atomic Mac/PC!
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