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started by concreteleveling on 22 Jul 14
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    Leveling concrete seems straightforward. It is only making existing concrete level, right? Well, in its most basic state, yes. However, there are many other details included to completely understand the ins and outs of concrete leveling. Its basic definition is that it is a specific procedure designed to even a concrete surface by repairing the surface underneath the concrete. While that seems simple enough, anyone who has tried to pick up a concrete slab understands this isn't the case.

    While readers can learn more here about the basics of concrete leveling, some may want to know more specifics. The terms commonly heard in the world of concrete leveling are "mudjacking" and "slabjacking". Both terms refer to specialty types of concrete leveling, and can be used in reference to a concrete repair job. Mudjacking is usually temporary and will involve a sand mixture to raise the slab. Slabjacking depends on the porous qualities of concrete to push grout underneath the slab, raising it naturally.

    Another term on the horizon of concrete leveling is concrete raising. This involves the process of dealing with the reason why the slab sunk in the first place. Anything from ground erosion to water damage could be the reason why the slab has sunk below its surroundings. A company that uses concrete raising will look around the surrounding area to treat the underlying issues, instead of simply raising the slab and placing a filler underneath. The process is more effective because it lasts longer than all other types of concrete leveling. View more info on concrete raising for a more in depth definition.

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    Concrete raising may not be a widely used process, but it is quickly coming into vogue as a popular concrete leveling method. More customers request the process because it leaves smaller holes in the concrete than other leveling methods, it fixes the underlying problem rather than just covering it up, and it helps create a better looking, level surface. Many homeowners and companies are beginning to realize the intrinsic value of concrete raising over any other type of leveling method.

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