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eyal matsliah

Wired 13.08: We Are the Web - 0 views

  • What happens when the data flow is asymmetrical - but in favor of creators? What happens when everyone is uploading far more than they download? If everyone is busy making, altering, mixing, and mashing, who will have time to sit back and veg out? Who will be a consumer? No one. And that's just fine. A world where production outpaces consumption should not be sustainable; that's a lesson from Economics 101. But online, where many ideas that don't work in theory succeed in practice, the audience increasingly doesn't matter. What matters is the network of social creation, the community of collaborative interaction that futurist Alvin Toffler called prosumption. > As with blogging and BitTorrent, prosumers produce and consume at once. the producers are the audience, the act of making is the act of watching, and every link is both a point of departure and a destination.
  • And who will write the software that makes this contraption useful and productive? We will. In fact, we're already doing it, each of us, every day. When we post and then tag pictures on the community photo album Flickr, we are teaching the Machine to give names to images. the thickening links between caption and picture form a neural net that can learn.
  • The more we teach this megacomputer, The more it will assume responsibility for our knowing. It will become our memory. Then it will become our identity.
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  • As with blogging and BitTorrent, prosumers produce and consume at once. The producers are The audience, The act of making is The act of watching, and every link is both a point of departure and a destination.
  • The fear of commercialization was strongest among hardcore programmers: The coders, Unix weenies, TCP/IP fans, and selfless volunteer IT folk who kept The ad hoc network running. The major administrators thought of Their work as noble, a gift to humanity. They saw The Internet as an open commons, not to be undone by greed or commercialization. It's hard to believe now, but until 1991, commercial enterprise on The Internet was strictly prohibited. Even Then, The rules favored public institutions and forbade "extensive use for private or personal business."
  • Wikipedia encourages its citizen authors to link each fact in an article to a reference citation. Over time, a Wikipedia article becomes totally underlined in blue as ideas are cross-referenced. That massive cross-referencing is how brains think and remember. It is how neural nets answer questions. It is how our global skin of neurons will adapt autonomously and acquire a higher level of knowledge.
  • He was talking about the company's vision of the thin-client desktop, but his phrase neatly sums up the destiny of the Web: As the OS for a megacomputer that encompasses the Internet, all its services, all peripheral chips and affiliated devices from scanners to satellites, and the billions of human minds entangled in this global network. This gargantuan Machine already exists in a primitive form. In the coming decade, it will evolve into an integral extension not only of our senses and bodies but our minds.
  • Not only did we fail to imagine what the Web would become, we still don't see it today! We are blind to the miracle it has blossomed into. And as a result of ignoring what the Web really is, we are likely to miss what it will grow into over the next 10 years. Any hope of discerning the state of the Web in 2015 requires that we own up to how wrong we were 10 years ago.
  • Three months later, Netscape's public offering took off, and in a blink a world of DIY possibilities was born. Suddenly it became clear that ordinary people could create material anyone with a connection could view. The burgeoning online audience no longer needed ABC for content. Netscape's stock peaked at $75 on its first day of trading, and The world gasped in awe. Was this insanity, or The start of something new?
  • > The human brain has no department full of programming cells that configure The mind. RaTher, brain cells program Themselves simply by being used. Likewise, our questions program The Machine to answer questions. We think we are merely wasting time when we surf mindlessly or blog an item, but each time we click a link we strengThen a node somewhere in The Web OS, Thereby programming The Machine by using it. >
  • And the most universal. By 2015, desktop operating systems will be largely irrelevant. the Web will be the only OS worth coding for. It won't matter what device you use, as long as it runs on the Web OS. You will reach the same distributed computer whether you log on via phone, PDA, laptop, or HDTV.
  • After the hysteria has died down, after the millions of dollars have been gained and lost, after the strands of mind, once achingly isolated, have started to come together - the only thing we can say is: Our Machine is born. It's on. >
  • Download rates far exceeded upload rates. The dogma of The age held that ordinary people had no need to upload; They were consumers, not producers. Fast-forward to today, and The poster child of The new Internet regime is BitTorrent. The brilliance of BitTorrent is in its exploitation of near-symmetrical communication rates. Users upload stuff while They are downloading. It assumes participation, not mere consumption. Our communication infrastructure has taken only The first steps in this great shift from audience to participants, but that is where it will go in The next decade.
  • community of collaborative interaction that futurist Alvin Toffler called prosumption.
  • We Are the Web the Netscape IPO wasn't really about dot-commerce. At its heart was a new cultural force based on mass collaboration. Blogs, Wikipedia, open source, peer-to-peer - behold the power of the people.By Kevin Kelly
  • These are safe bets, but They fail to capture The Web's disruptive trajectory. The real transformation under way is more akin to what Sun's John Gage had in mind in 1988 when he famously said, "The network > is > The computer." > He was talking about The company's vision of The thin-client desktop, but his phrase neatly sums up The destiny of The Web: As The OS for a megacomputer that encompasses The Internet, all its services, all peripheral chips and affiliated devices from scanners to satellites, and The billions of human minds entangled in this global network. This gargantuan Machine already exists in a primitive form. In The coming decade, it will evolve into an integral extension not only of our senses and bodies but our minds.
  • When a company opens its databases to users, as Amazon, Google, and eBay have done with their Web services, it is encouraging participation at new levels. the corporation's data becomes part of the commons and an invitation to participate. People who take advantage of these capabilities are no longer customers; they're the company's developers, vendors, skunk works, and fan base.
  • The deep enthusiasm for making things, for interacting more deeply than just choosing options, is The great force not reckoned 10 years ago. This impulse for participation has upended The economy and is steadily turning The sphere of social networking - smart mobs, hive minds, and collaborative action - into The main event.
  • But if we have learned anything in the past decade, it is the plausibility of the impossible >.
  • Today, the Machine acts like a very large computer with top-level functions that operate at approximately the clock speed of an early PC. It processes 1 million emails each second, which essentially means network email runs at 1�megahertz. Same with Web searches. Instant messaging runs at 100�kilohertz, SMS at 1�kilohertz. the Machine's total external RAM is about 200 terabytes. In any one second, 10 terabits can be coursing through its backbone, and each year it generates nearly 20 exabytes of data. Its distributed "chip" spans 1 billion active PCs, which is approximately the number of transistors in one PC.
  • 2005The scope of The Web today is hard to fathom. The total number of Web pages, including those that are dynamically created upon request and document files available through links, exceeds 600 billion. That's 100�pages per person alive. How could we create so much, so fast, so well? In fewer than 4,000 days, we have encoded half a trillion versions of our collective story and put Them in front of 1 billion people, or one-sixth of The world's population. That remarkable achievement was not in anyone's 10-year plan.
  • Instead, we have an open global flea market that handles 1.4 billion auctions every year and operates from your bedroom. Users do most of the work; they photograph, catalog, post, and manage their own auctions. And they police themselves; while eBay and other auction sites do call in the authorities to arrest serial abusers, the chief method of ensuring fairness is a system of user-generated ratings. Three billion feedback comments can work wonders.
  • There is only one time in The history of each planet when its inhabitants first wire up its innumerable parts to make one large Machine. Later that Machine may run faster, but There is only one time when it is born. > You and I are alive at this moment. >
  • These user-created channels make no sense economically. Where are The time, energy, and resources coming from? The audience.
  • Danny Hillis, a computer scientist who once claimed he wanted to make an AI "that would be proud of me," has invented massively parallel supercomputers in part to advance us in that direction. He now believes the > first real AI will emerge not in a stand-alone supercomputer like IBM's proposed > 23-teraflop Blue Brain, but in the vast digital tangle of the global Machine. >
  • This planet-sized computer is comparable in complexity to a human brain. Both the brain and the Web have hundreds of billions of neurons (or Web pages). Each biological neuron sprouts synaptic links to thousands of other neurons, while each Web page branches into dozens of hyperlinks. That adds up to a trillion "synapses" between the static pages on the Web. the human brain has about 100 times that number - but brains are not doubling in size every few years. the Machine is.
  • There is only one time in The history of each planet when its inhabitants first wire up its innumerable parts to make one large Machine. Later that Machine may run faster, but There is only one time when it is born. You and I are alive at this moment.
  • Still, the birth of a machine that subsumes all other machines so that in effect there is only one Machine, which penetrates our lives to such a degree that it becomes essential to our identity - this will be full of surprises. Especially since it is only the beginning.
  • The most obvious development birThed by this platform will be The absorption of routine. The Machine will take on anything we do more than twice. It will be The Anticipation Machine.
  • Since each of its "transistors" is itself a personal computer with a billion transistors running lower functions, the Machine is fractal. In total, it harnesses a quintillion transistors, expanding its complexity beyond that of a biological brain. It has already surpassed the 20-petahertz threshold for potential intelligence as calculated by Ray Kurzweil. For this reason some researchers pursuing artificial intelligence have switched their bets to the Net as the computer most likely to think first.
  • I run a blog about cool tools. I write it for my own delight and for the benefit of friends. the Web extends my passion to a far wider group for no extra cost or effort. In this way, my site is part of a vast and growing gift economy, a visible underground of valuable creations - text, music, film, software, tools, and services - all given away for free. This gift economy fuels an abundance of choices. It spurs the grateful to reciprocate. It permits easy modification and reuse, and thus promotes consumers into producers.
  • Senior maverick Kevin Kelly ( wrote about the universe as a computer in issue 10.12.
  • Think of the 100 billion times per day humans click on a Web page as a way of teaching the Machine what we think is important. Each time we forge a link between words, we teach it an idea.
  • What we all failed to see was how much of this new world would be manufactured by users, not corporate interests. customers rushed with surprising speed and intelligence to write the reviews that made the site's long-tail selection usable. Owners of Adobe, Apple, and most major software products offer help and advice on the developer's forum Web pages, serving as high-quality customer support for new buyers. And in the greatest leverage of the common user, Google turns traffic and link patterns generated by 2�billion searches a month into the organizing intelligence for a new economy. This bottom-up takeover was not in anyone's 10-year vision.
  • And anyone could rustle up a link - which, it turns out, is the most powerful invention of the decade. Linking unleashes involvement and interactivity at levels once thought unfashionable or impossible. It transforms reading into navigating and enlarges small actions into powerful forces. For instance, hyperlinks made it much easier to create a seamless, scrolling street map of every town. they made it easier for people to refer to those maps. And hyperlinks made it possible for almost anyone to annotate, amend, and improve any map embedded in the Web. Cartography has gone from spectator art to participatory democracy.
  • In the years roughly coincidental with the Netscape IPO, humans began animating inert objects with tiny slivers of intelligence, connecting them into a global field, and linking their own minds into a single thing. This will be recognized as the largest, most complex, and most surprising event on the planet. Weaving nerves out of glass and radio waves, our species began wiring up all regions, all processes, all facts and notions into a grand network. From this embryonic neural net was born a collaborative interface for our civilization, a sensing, cognitive device with power that exceeded any previous invention. the Machine provided a new way of thinking (perfect search, total recall) and a new mind for an old species. It was the Beginning.
  • This view is spookily godlike. You can switch your gaze of a spot in the world from map to satellite to 3-D just by clicking. Recall the past? It's there. Or listen to the daily complaints and travails of almost anyone who blogs (and doesn't everyone?). I doubt angels have a better view of humanity.
  • The fetal Machine has been running continuously for at least 10 years (30 if you want to be picky). I am aware of no oTher machine - of any type - that has run that long with zero downtime. While portions may spin down due to power outages or cascading infections, The entire thing is unlikely to go quiet in The coming decade. It will be The most reliable gadget we have.
  • But if
  • It's on.
  • At its heart was a new kind of participation that has since developed into an emerging culture based on sharing. And the ways of participating unleashed by hyperlinks are creating a new type of thinking - part human and part machine - found nowhere else on the planet or in history.
  • "The network is The computer."
  • supercomputers in part to advance us in that direction. He now believes the first real AI will emerge not in a stand-alone supercomputer like IBM's proposed 23-teraflop Blue Brain, but in the vast digital tangle of the global Machine.
  • Amish Web sites?
  • it is the plausibility of the impossible
  • The human brain has no department full of programming cells that configure The mind. RaTher, brain cells program Themselves simply by being used. Likewise, our questions program The Machine to answer questions. We think we are merely wasting time when we surf mindlessly or blog an item, but each time we click a link we strengThen a node somewhere in The Web OS, Thereby programming The Machine by using it.
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FRB: Highlights of Proposed Rules Regarding Credit Cards and Overdraft Services - 0 views

    Highlights of Proposed Rules Regarding Credit Cards and Overdraft Services Regulation AA (Unfair Acts or Practices) The proposal would amend Regulation AA to prohibit unfair or deceptive acts or practices by banks in connection with credit card accounts and overdraft services for deposit accounts. Credit Cards * Time to Make Payments. The proposal would prohibit banks from treating a payment as late unless The consumer has been provided a reasonable amount of time to make that payment. There would be a safe harbor for banks that send periodic statements at least 21 days prior to The payment due date. * Allocation of Payments. When different annual percentage rates (APRs) apply to different balances on a credit card account (for example, purchases and cash advances), banks would have to allocate payments exceeding The minimum payment using one of three methods or a method equally beneficial to consumers. They could not allocate The entire amount to The balance with The lowest rate. A bank could, for example, split The amount equally between two balances. In addition, to enable consumers to receive The full benefit of discounted promotional rates (for example, on balance transfers), during The promotional period payments in excess of The minimum would have to be allocated first to balances on which The rate is not discounted. * Applying Rate Increases to Existing Balances. The proposal would prohibit banks from increasing The interest rate on outstanding balances unless The increase is due to: (i) The operation of an index (in oTher words, The rate is a variable rate); (ii) The expiration or loss of a promotional rate (provided The rate is not increased to a penalty rate); or (iii) The minimum payment not being received within 30 days of The due date. * Two-Cycle Billing. The proposal would prohibit banks from imposing finance charges based on balances on days in billing cycles preceding The most recent billing cycle, a pra
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Choosing the right Engagement Model for Business Software Development - TI Technologies - 0 views

    Software Development has formed the economic and social face of the planet within the most recent 3 decades. What was once thought of gibber and kept to the elite minds that place humans on the Moon and cracked the German Enigma is currently a well-liked profession that has created landmarks just like the Silicon Valley and icons like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. With the spurt in revolutionary product ideas within the late 90s, the need to place those 'thoughts' into execution demanded the best development-skills, and this 'request' has been solely developing with time. This conveys us to an aspect of software development that has perpetually been a significant business call for companies - the foremost cost-effective engagement model. Here is what we think regarding selecting the right engagement model: Fixed Price Model Fixing the price is about fixing the project requirements, scope, as well as deadlines. This model can never work while not thorough initial planning, analysis, and estimation sessions. the more planning you do, the better the result. Why is the planning stage so important? the success of the fixed price project is directly proportional to the success of this primary phase. To have a superior control over a greater project, the engagement model may be somewhat changed with deliverables & milestones approach. A customer is charged because the in agreement milestones have come and deliverables are in situ. From that point forward, another stage with its own particular milestones and deliverables can start. For the majority of effectively fixed price projects, discovery phase fills in as the beginning point. Choose Fixed Price Engagement Model when: Requirements are clear, very much characterized and improbable to change You deal with a small or medium project which won't last for more than few months the Pros: It's well-defined and well-negotiated. there's no room for lapses. there is a push to get the total picture of the software even befo

Reasons why React Native Is the Future of Hybrid App Development - TI Technologies - 0 views

    As the world of mobile apps is expanding beyond comprehension, demand for better and faster apps shoot up. We need applications that perform easily, have a magnificent look, simple to create, and can be implemented rapidly. All these necessities are difficult to satisfy as high performance, related to native apps, set aside enough time for the advancement. then again, faster deployment, related with cross-platform applications, trade-off, no less than a bit, on performance. therefore, aching for better languages, tools that help top-notch hybrid apps development, and frameworks keep developers on their toes. One such resolution, which quickly changing the universe of versatile applications is Facebook's React Native. It is a JavaScript library to assemble a UI that enables you to make versatile mobile applications and work easily as native apps. It even gives you a chance to reuse the code over the web and mobile platforms. You don't have to develop for Android and iOS, independently, as one code is sufficient for both the platforms, saving money and time. Let's look at some reasons that point towards React Native taking the center stage in the future. Supports Both iOS & Android - 'Supportive' Because of the two different operating systems which are majorly being used by the customers across the world, the primary challenge for the mobile app development companies is to choose one ahead of the other. But Facebook made it easy by introducing React Native. It supports both iOS and Android making it convenient for the app developers to use the same code for both the platforms without writing it from the scratch. Reusability for better development What makes us to state that REACTS is the eventual fate of application development? It is the reusability of the components. You don't have the Web view components anymore for hybrid apps with React native. the essential code for this framework will easily be reused within the native apps, and you'll easily compile it

Automobile maintenance for all self-driving travel enthusiasts - gets the gear and keeps moving. - 0 views

    The market of self-driven cars was non-existent few years back. But, as The years are passing, There is a tremendous advancement in this market attracting several companies to bring new ideas and thus increasing competition. To keep The self-driving cheerful and pocket-friendly it is necessary to have a consistent preventive maintenance. Yet, not everyone decides on which preventive maintenance, what one must do, and when it should be done. BrainGroom, being The master of all trades provides workshops and classes for automobile maintenance. It is an online marketplace for educational, recreational & wellness classes with defined target segment, quantifiable outcomes and specified time duration. Any travel enthusiasts who has ever worked on his automobile or paid a ton of money getting Their automobile repaired will advise not to neglect preventive maintenance. Apart from The fundamentals like changing The oil, inspecting pressure in The tire, planned inspections BrainGroom provides information on checklists for maintaining automobile on The long run. Engaging in automobile maintenance classes keeps The travel enthusiasts well informed and knowledgeable on The current trends on automobile. It is an opportunity for The specialists to catch The real issues before it becomes a key problem and can save thousands of money. A long trip is a serious test for all self-driving travel enthusiasts for Their automobile and even a small problem like a worn windshield wiper, The out-of-balance tire can create a lot of troubles. BrainGroom portal and app helps users find and book all types of education and lifestyle micro classes in and around Them in few clicks. It has classified classes across six key categories such as fun and recreation, education and skill development, informative and motivational, health and wellness, kids and teens and home maintenance. Below are some checklists BrainGroom, provides you with for vehicle maintenance in long travel. 1. Car owner's manu

Top 11 Tips to Improve AngularJS Performance - TI Technologies - 0 views

    AngularJS is made to rearrange the complex process of building and overseeing JavaScript applications. In view of the Model-View-Controller, or MVC, programming structure, AngularJS is particularly valuable for making single page web apps. Today, online businesses are enormously affected by the performance of web technologies that they use for their respective tasks. Henceforth, it winds up the importance to dive into the majority of the elements that are harming their business growth. AngularJS can rapidly be added to any HTML page with a straightforward tag. In case you're asking why you have a couple of slow pages, here are a few hints to accelerate your code. AngularJS Optimization Tips Batarang Tool to Benchmark Watchers Batarang is an awesome dev tool from the AngularJS developer that brings down your debugging efforts. In spite of the fact that it has numerous new features, some of them enable you to profile and track the execution of your AngularJS performance. In addition, the watch tree figures out which extensions are not destroyed as it is by all accounts if there is an increase in the memory. Chrome Dev Tool Profiler to Identify Performance Bottlenecks This one is a helpful device that gives you the alternative to choose which profile type you need to make. Take Heap Snapshot, Record Allocation Timeline, and Record Allocation Profile are utilized for memory profiling. After this performance improvement, your app will complete in under two seconds and clients can freely connect with it then. Limit your watchers Talking about which, whenever you introduce data-bindings, you make more $scopes and $$watchers, which drags out the digest cycle. Excessively numerous $$watchers can cause lag, so restrain their utilization as much as possible. Utilize scope.$evalAsync On the off chance that you endeavor to manually initiate the digest cycle while it's now running, you could get an error. To keep this from happening, utilize scope.$evalAsync rather than $appl

THE BLACK DOT - Pretty Lies Stories - 0 views

    One day, a prof entered the room and declared a surprise test. Hearing this, all students got anxious and commenced considering what would come back up within the test. the prof distributed the question paper, with the front side facing down. when turning in the papers to all the students, he asked them to turn the page and begin the test. To everyone's surprise, there have been no questions within the test paper. there was simply a black dot within the center of the page. everybody was surprised and checked out the prof in awe. the prof told the students: "I need you to write a few lines regarding what you see on the paper." All the scholars were stupefied however since they didn't have a alternative, they started writing the solution. Once everybody was through with the test, the prof collected all the solution sheets, and commenced reading out every answer aloud before of the full class. without an exception, all the scholars had written regarding the black dot, mentioning regarding its position, size etc. when reading out all the answers, the prof addressed the scholars and told them: "None of you'll be ranked on this test. I simply needed you to ponder over one thing. All of you wrote regarding the black dot. nobody wrote regarding the white part of the paper. a similar issue happens in our lives too. we tend to all have a white paper to watch and learn from, nevertheless we tend to continually target the dark spots. we've got so many reasons to celebrate - our folks, co-workers, friends, good health, a satisfactory job, a child's smile, the miracles we tend to witness daily, and so on. However, we tend to merely limit our horizons by focusing on simply the dark spots - our disappointments, our frustrations, our fears and anxieties, things that hassle us, those that wronged us, etc. In our daily lives, we tend to take such a lot of good things with no consideration, and focus our energy on insignificant dot-like failures and disappointments." Though

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Change Magento eCommerce stores - TI Technologies - 0 views

    As digital transactions become the definitive method of purchasing goods and services, leading eCommerce firms are exploring how AI can enhance brand competitiveness and customer loyalty. Artificial Intelligence is set to be a game-changer to shape the next stage of the e-commerce evolution. Artificial intelligence provides passel of opportunities to the e-commerce industry where retailers compete to provide the maximum customer convenience, by providing the ultimate shopping experience. With continuous advances in digital voice technology, AI tools such as Alexa, Cortana, and Watson, are gracing headlines almost daily, hinting at the wide scope of opportunities it has to revolutionize eCommerce stores. Here we show 6 amazing applications to use Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce. * Create customer-centric search- By implementing Artificial intelligence in Magento creates purchase assistants that target the right users, with the right messages at the right time.AI programs can rely on self-learning algorithms to deconstruct Bigdata of thousands of customers and create targeted user experiences, hence ruling out any human-bias or error. * Context-based search- Product Search functionality is an integral part of a Magento store as the shopping process begins with the search for relevant products. If Magento individualizes some impressive extensions, they might be nothing as compared to the effectiveness of AI-powered searches. Here usual searches rely on the Keywords entered by the user and only when there is a correct match, your searches will dish out the right search results. But AI-powered product searches will look for the context of the search, utilize the capability of Natural Language Process to generate context-based search terms rather than typical keywords. * Facilitate Purchase Decisions- Purchase Assistants are something that is still not fully released. Using the concept of virtual Purchase assistant we can cut down the time spent by shoppers

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Press Pause Play - 0 views

    A new generation of global creators and artists is emerging, equipped with other points of reference and other tools. the teachers arenʼt certified schools anymore - itʼs web sites, discussion forums and a "learn by doing"-mentality. We see the children of a digital age, unspoiled or uneducated depending on who you ask. Collaboration over hierarchy, digital over analog - a change in the way we produce, distribute and consume creative works. PressPausePlay is the first film to capture this new ecosystem. We meet the creatives at the frontier of production, the technical enablers of collaboration and distribution, the artists, the pop stars, the film makers, the business men, the visionaries and the ones left behind. Itʼs a story from the smallest molecule to the largest corporation. Itʼs a snapshot of today, but at the same time predictions of a near future. Weʼre not creating a documentary in the classical sense of shaky cameras, bad lighting and unbearable sound. Although we have a small budget, we've got big aspirations. the film will in itself be a proof of the evolution story weʼre telling, shot in digital 4K and finished in the beginning of 2011. Ready for both the big (cinema) and the small (mobile) screen. We will release rough edits and interviews as well as the final film free for anyone to use, broadcast and distribute. PressPausePlay will be an observation, a testimony and a tribute.

vigrex plus in pakistan 03437511221 - 0 views

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    Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas ImagesMerry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone Merry Chrsitmas 1 Min Ago No Comments FACEBOOK PREV ARTICLE Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone:-Hello everyone we hope you all are fine. As it is the festival season. the holidays of the winters are started and the preparations of the grand celebrations are already started. Here we are talking about the Merry Christmas Day. As after the long working days its time to have fun. Merry Christmas Decoration Images Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone Merry Christmas Images Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone the year is about to end. the Christmas Day is celebrated all over the world by the Christians. It is believed on this day Jesus Christ was born.Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone. there is is brightness even in the streets. People put lights on their homes and decorated them. Merry Christmas Decoration For Everyone Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone Merry Christmas Images For Everyone Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone the Christmas decorations consist of the pine tree in the market there are huge variety of the pine tree are available.the churches are also ready for the Christmas Day. Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone. People invite their friends, relatives and neighbor's in their homes of the party. Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone Decorations Images For Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone Merry Christmas Decoration Images For Everyone the food on the Christmas Day prepared is so delicious. T

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    Choosing a right career is one of the most vital decisions everybody has to take in his/her lifetime. It is true that a life without a right job is just like a boat which has lost its way in the middle of the sea. So choose career related classes from informative and motivational at a convenient place and flexible hours. At the transition point in a child's life when they transcend from childhood to adulthood, a need arises where they are made to choose a career. Although this sounds entirely natural, in a country like India it's really not! Synonymously, after clearing their high school (10th grade), every student in India have to choose from three predominant options like Science, Arts and Commerce. In India, seldom do the students get an opportunity to choose their career according to their passion. Ultimately, with the influence of Indian parents; most of the students end up choosing a bad career under parent's guidance and pressure. A student, who has an interest in Humanities, is forced to take science. This not just leads to dissatisfaction but also to mental frustration and depression. ROLE OF PARENTS IN CAREER CHOOSING Being a parent requires a lot of effort and sacrifices. This means, their influence in deciding what's best for their child is limitless. However, sometimes they can be overwhelming too. Often parents focus on the traditional profession which is "secure and safe" with regards to earning money and establishing a bright future. In this craze of making their child a Doctor, Engineer or even perhaps a Lawyer, they overlook and distract themselves from focusing on the interest of their child. In fact, sometimes parents become irrational to their child pursuing unconventional career opportunities that are deemed too "risky" for a stable survival. WHAT IS IMPORTANT FOR ANY STUDENT? TO FOLLOW ONE's OWN PASSION OR TO FULFILL theIR PARENT'S WISH? As far as the question of choosing a suitable career arises, it's always imperat


    Why fork out countless kilos as well as bucks on an pricey, difficult system? You'll be able to have the famously well-liked Noogleberry system for the tiny proportion from the price that has a verified good reputation for superb final results and also soon after gross sales service and also customer support! Many whom obtain our devices possess earlier obtained equivalent, inferior devices and then end up being let down and also let down because of the low quality. the hand pushes are generally sturdy and also of a superior quality, not just a cheap, rubber bulb that can not really last 5 min's! Your lines is usually excellent silicone and also developed to last. Your k-cups are extremely sturdy and they are resilient to be able to great unlike the inferior devices but they are sleek, curved and also sort to the epidermis. Other folks whom obtain our devices, possess thought to be paying countless kilos upon costly, better identified devices which often are based on totally a similar principle while our bait and have absolutely been happy with the superb final results obtained through our system. Thus, tend not to waste your hard earned money upon cheap, inferior as well as pricey, too expensive devices when you can acquire exactly the thing you need the following! Why the item Works Like virtually any muscle chemistry, if it's used and also circulation is usually motivated, it'll enhance. This method uses this specific principle around the busts. 15-30 min's every day, when using the system will result in firmer, richer busts, as numerous individuals whom use enhancement pushes come across. Goblet Dimensions Make sure you consider the area upon 'Cup Sizes' to be able to confirm which often dimension you might need. Additional pairs of k-cups are offered through our website the following. Take note if favored, the device can be employed being a sole breasts system to be effective every breasts singularly. How the idea Works Any pot lies above the brea

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    JAGUAR POWER MEN GELL 3 IN 1 is a mixture of HERBAL and exotic from around the world. Each ingredient has been proven to strengthen and enlarge your penis and improve your sexual performance. Very Carefully tested by doctors, and manufactured in strict compliance with FDA Young & Sweet Skin Care 55 rue Bleanche, Paris - FRANCE . Additional formula has proven to be the most effective and most powerful for both men ever developed. Very strong product, with new and advanced formulations. Enhancing strong, rapid and long-time close and late ejaculation granted. Enhancing constant diameter, thick and overall penis size as permanent and lifelong. Enhancing the rate and duration of erection (straight and erect penis) as a very hearty and sweet. Light skin color and bleach penis. Increases semen volume and the amount of semen during ejaculation thrust (due to having the plants of nutrients and tonics). the high doses of vitamins in the Jaguar power men jel 3 in 1 are easily absorbed through the skin cells of the penis. JAGUAR POWER GEL containing scientific materials that expand and strengthen the capacity of the corpus cavernosum penis skin, the two cylindrical tissues inside the penis that fill with blood during an erection. It will give you bigger erections and more powerful than you would ever imagine. During the rigorous testing process and production in France and the United Arab JAGUAR POWER men enjoyed a significant increase in the amount of blood entering their penis. Thanks to these men gel in clinical trials also enjoyed increased revenues to sexual stimulation. In other words, they not only enjoy erections bigger, longer and thicker, they also experienced a higher amount of pleasure and lasting healing therapies. JAGUAR POWER MEN GEL HALAL 3 IN 1 MADE IN THAILAND & GERMAN HERBAL GEL AND SAFE WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS How to use Jaguar power men jel 3 in 1 First, rinse your penis with warm water and soap to wash a good chair to fully dry. T
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    The adult who dates The service that is one of many adult dating of The ladies locates in line, that uses personality and tests of The index of intelligence to help to match to single members with anoTher one choose who The interests or The similar characteristics of The part. The members of The service tend to have a level of one more a higher education and are professional as well in The Their own right for The club of The adult as The life in great cities. They looks for The lovers, The friends, The partners of The activity, The dates, The husbands and to spouses, pals of pen, sexual partners and it throws Them to The name but to some. For more Info:
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    We are very happy when we can satisfy sir/madam with our products Please find our products on the wedpage Stay Cool - Prevent Sunburn Since the days are getting longer and the beach is looking more and more inviting, I have been spending a lot of time in the sun. However, after a little stint with a horrible sunburn a couple weeks ago, I am learning how to protect my skin - and surprisingly it takes more than just buying the right sunscreen. Don't get me wrong, using sunscreen is essential, but you must do so properly. Applying sunscreen isn't that hard; just make sure your body is covered and you are using the correct SPF. SPF's come as low as five and go into the triple digits. Knowing what is good for your skin is necessary, fairer skin individuals should use a higher SPF, while olive and darker skin can get away with a lower SPF. TIP: If you apply SPF 15 before you leave the house and later on you apply SPF 25, it does mean that you now are wearing SPF 35, it just means that you are now slightly more covered. Also, since your skin can be sensitive on different parts of your body, you may need to wear a higher SPF on your face. After you have figured out your sunscreen needs, it's time to start thinking about clothing options. If you are going to the beach this point may seem a little silly since you will probably spend most of your time in a bathing suit. However, wearing clothing even for a short amount of time over your swim suit can help you to not get sunburned. TIP: the best thing for beach goers, sun-bathers, and anyone who spends a lot of time outside is lightly colored clothing in layers. Light colored clothes reflect heat and will keep you cooler; wearing dark colors only absorbs the sun's rays, inevitably causing you to get hot. Even though you are wearing clothing it doesn't mean that you are fully protected from the sun. In fact, an ordinary T-Shirt only provides a sunbloc

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Swedish massage is mixture relaxation and stress unfastened uses high researched strategies to cool and loosen up the burdened regular degree of the frame. Our “massage in Kolkata” is p...

escorts in kolkata escort service

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    We are very happy when we can satisfy sir/madam with our products Please find our products on the wedpage Diet Is the Ultimate Beauty Product - Anti-Aging From the Inside Out Beauty products are a multi-million dollar industry. Although there are numerous products on the market that tout their youth-promoting properties, in reality, anti-aging is done best from the inside out. Of all the lifestyle factors that influence how we age, diet is the most important. Berries: Foods rich in antioxidants work by attacking free radicals that contribute to the aging process. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries are rich in antioxidants. Other good sources include grapes, plums, cranberries, and figs. Aim for at least one serving a day. Citrus: Vitamin C is essential to synthesize collagen in the body. Collagen is essential to skin health. Collagen breakdown is one of the main culprits in wrinkles. Although this is a normal part of the aging process, consuming foods rich in Vitamin C can help to maintain skin elasticity. Aim for 1-2 servings a day. Orange juice is an amazing source of Vitamin C, providing 124 milligrams in just one cup. Omega fatty acids: Foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for glowing, healthy skin. You can find these healthy fats in nuts such as almonds, Brazil nuts, and walnuts. Flax seed is also rich in these essential fatty acids. As an alternative to canola or corn oils for salads, switch to flax seed or olive oil. Veggies: One of the best things you can do to maintain health, vitality, and youth is to eat plenty of fresh vegetables on a daily basis. Aim for at minimum of 3 servings a day. A good way to make sure you are eating the variety of nutrients you need is to choose a variety of colors. What Else You Can Do: Of course there are other factors that influence aging such as lifestyle and genetics. Using sunscreen when going out in the sun can help minimize the s
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