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  • Joe La Fleur

    Joe La Fleur

    Author, poet, muse, and all around good guy

    shared 323 items

    member since 2012-05-05

  • Tammy Jin

    Tammy Jin

    If you are looking for sexy lingerie that surpasses all other women's lingerie, Visit us now for your erotic and Sexy Underwear

    shared 214 items

    member since 2012-07-13

  • shared 191 items

    member since 2010-03-05

  • Maha Chanda

    Maha Chanda

    My name is Maha and i am very sincere and friendly, My favorite online hobby is to know about fashion styles, Songs, and top enjoy full funny clips and i go at for the updates of fashion among girls.

    shared 316 items

    member since 2012-01-11

  • Graham Perrin

    Graham Perrin

    I work at CENTRIM — the Centre for Research in Innovation Management. Beyond work: I enjoy solitude, letting go, camping getaways and dreaming. I have great family and friends, and two gorgeous cats. Take not too much notice of my bookmarks — hundreds are unread!

    shared 133 items

    member since 2008-09-06

  • Vahid Masrour

    Vahid Masrour

    My RSS feeds: (I wonder if a Diigo+Netvibes merging wouldn't be a good thing) All you need to know about me:

    shared 100 items

    member since 2007-02-09

  • shared 87 items

    member since 2008-05-28

  • Ako Z°om

    Ako Z°om

    I'm diplomed in architecture by our french gov. ...then coming back to pure art (not only details-drawing and building promotion and so less for creativity and experimentation), and now, re-starting as an artist-architect, means to create a societal Architecture and finding the better ways to make...

    shared 84 items

    member since 2007-06-02

  • Mark -

    Mark -

    Love to work in collaboration 2.0 technology, providing CMS and Wiki solutions to businesses Enjoy sailing, camping, travel and outdoors

    shared 73 items

    member since 2007-03-08

  • shared 72 items

    member since 2012-05-03

  • shared 53 items

    member since 2007-02-08

  • shared 35 items

    member since 2008-04-07

  • mazyar hedayat

    mazyar hedayat

    Lawyer. Blogger. Badass.

    shared 34 items

    member since 2007-11-20

  • shared 33 items

    member since 2008-04-16

  • shared 33 items

    member since 2011-01-04

  • shared 30 items

    member since 2007-05-03

  • Wildcat2030 wildcat

    Wildcat2030 wildcat

    Writer, Currently developing the Polytopia meta-concept of collaboration, towards an increase in combined interactive intelligence, the Polytopia project is being developed at space collective:

    shared 29 items

    member since 2008-09-03

  • Marc Queval

    Marc Queval

    I like this: "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man." George Bernard Shaw (Man and Superman)

    shared 29 items

    member since 2008-08-25

  • lisa templer

    lisa templer

    We are very happy when we cansatisfy sir/madam with our products Please find our products onthe wedpage

    shared 27 items

    member since 2012-01-21

  • Isabelle Jones

    Isabelle Jones

    I am a Head of Languages in a large 11-16 multicultural comprehensive school in the North West of England. I currently teach French and Spanish but I have also taught German and EFL (EAL) in the past. I am also a qualified translator/ interpreter (ESUCA, Toulouse)

    shared 25 items

    member since 2008-05-14

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