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Joel Bennett

Socialtext Open Source Wiki / Socialtext Open Source Wiki - 0 views

    SocialText is an impressive Perl wiki
Tarik Guney

Singleton pattern - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

  • the singleton pattern is a design pattern that is used to restrict instantiation of a class to one object.
    In software engineering, the singleton pattern is a design pattern that is used to restrict instantiation of a class to one object. This is useful when exactly one object is needed to coordinate actions across the system. The concept is sometimes generalized to systems that operate more efficiently when only one object exists, or that restrict the instantiation to a certain number of objects (say, five). Some consider it an anti-pattern, judging that it is overused, introduces unnecessary limitations in situations where a sole instance of a class is not actually required, and introduces global state into an application.
Xiaobin Huang

LiteratePrograms - 0 views

    LiteratePrograms is a unique wiki where every article is simultaneously a document and a piece of code that you can view, download, compile, and run by simply using the "download code" tab at the top of every article.
David Corking

Mobile Wiki Server for iPhone - Welcome - 0 views

  •    April 26th 2009 1.3.5 Pending Approval
    • David Corking
      Does this mean "pending approval by Apple for the app store"?
    I can't see the point of having a wiki web server in your pocket but that is probably my failing. Maybe it is handy as a private notebook you can also share informally. This is the first finished Squeak application for the iPhone.

ownCloud › Wiki › - 0 views

  • Bei der Migration auf Version 5 kann es vorkommen, dass OwnCloud diese Nachricht anzeigt, aber nichts macht (Bugreport ). Um weiter arbeiten zu können, muss man die Datei config/config.php im ownCloud-Verzeichnis bearbeiten und den Wert "maintanance" auf "false" ändern.

New Features Of .NET Core MVC -.NET Core wiki - 0 views

    New Features Of .NET Core MVC -.NET Core wiki .NET Core wiki Introduction to .NET Core Here I going to tell you about ASP.NET Core , ASP.NET Core 1.x & 2.x is a cross-platform, high-performance, open-source framework for building modern, cloud-based,Internet-connected applications. Use of ASP.NET Core Build web apps and services, IoT apps, and mobile backends. It has works on development tools Windows, macOS, and Linux. It can be deployed to the cloud or on-premises. It Runs on .NET Core or .NET Framework.
Kevin O'Neill

The 7 Software "-ilities" You Need To Know - 0 views

  • 1. Usability Software usability can be described as how effectively end users can use, learn, or control the system
  • 2. Maintainability ( or Flexibility / Testibility) The definition of maintainability [for me] implies how brittle the code is to change
  • 3. Scalability Scalability is the ability for your program to gracefully meet the demand of stress caused by increased usage
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • 4. Availability (or Reliability) How long the system is up and running and the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is known as the availability of a program
  • 5. Extensibility Are there points in the system where changes can be made with (or without) program changes?
  • 6. Security I shouldn’t need to go into this one but to be thorough I like this definition of security: the measure of system’s ability to resist unauthorized attempts at usage or behavior modification, while still providing service to legitimate users.
  • 7. Portability Portability is the ability for your application to run on numerous platforms.
Joel Bennett

OtherGuiLibraries - from the wtl wiki - 0 views

    The "Other GUI Libraries" page on the WTL wiki holds a wealth of information in the form of short reviews of various (mostly free, and mostly cross-platform) gui widget toolkits like Qt, wxWidgets, Ultimate++, JUCE and others I'd never heard of ...
Joel Bennett

Joomla Docbook:Collab XML Suite - 0 views

    A wiki-like collaborative documentation project based on DocBook instead of a custom markup.
Joel Bennett

QuickGraph, Graph Data Structures And Algorithms for .Net - Home - 0 views

  • QuickGraph 2.0 provides generic directed graph datastructures and algorithms for .Net 2.0. QuickGraph comes with algorithms such as depth first seach, breath first search, shortest path, network flow etc... QuickGraph supports GLEE and Graphviz to render the graphs.
Joel Bennett

Sandcastle - 0 views

    The Sandcastle Wiki. Sandcastle is the official Microsoft MSDN documentation generator (it reflects on assemblies and includes XML comments if they're available). Like NDoc ...
Joel Bennett

Textile.NET - CodePlex - 0 views

    "Textile.NET is, surprisingly, a textile formatter for .NET projects. Textile is a "human web text generator" ( that is useful for rapid web writings such as Wiki syntax or blog articles"
Joel Bennett

HyperAddin: Adds hyperlinking in your source code - CodePlex - 0 views

    Gives you the ability to create hyperlinks within your code comments... that is, links to comments from comments ... it's almost like wiki comments (ah, we can only dream).
David Corking

Object Vs Model - 0 views

shared by David Corking on 11 Jun 09 - Cached
  • Data Hiding simply doesn't make sense with regards to a reflective system where the data must regularly be updated by observers of reality (i.e. by one or more actors) and where the data inherently comes from the outside. This is, perhaps, one source of ObjectRelationalImpedenceMismatch?. Relational is designed for modeling data that came from an outside world whilst object-oriented is designed to... well... create and manipulate objects
    • David Corking
      why data hiding makes no sense in some programs
  • You can make them work together until you try to add virtualization - abstract objects for which the associated data isn't known.
Joel Bennett

ClientExamples - Cassandra Wiki - 2 views

    Cassandra is a distributed object-oriented database (no ORM needed) originally created by Facebook and used by lots of high-traffic websites. They use Thrift and have code samples here in Java, C#, Python, and PHP ... hot stuff.
Fabien Cadet

Front Page - css-discuss - 2 views

    « This Wiki is dedicated to real-world (and ideally, browser-neutral) application of CSS. (Cascading Style Sheets) Topics include: techniques for page-layout and special display-effects, testing and validation, workarounds for limitations and bugs, CSS code-editors, beginner and advanced tutorials, and to a lesser extent pure CSS theory, and pure CSS power-demonstrations. Discourse on (X)HTML, DOM, and other webpage-technology areas is not forbidden, but keeping it associated with CSS is encouraged. »
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