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liza cainz

Help Gurus Offers Microsoft Tech Support - 1 views

Help Gurus offers Microsoft Tech Support for customers who are using windows application on their computers. They can give you quality technical support for Microsoft office applications, like Exce...

support service Desktop computer technical services PC tech

started by liza cainz on 19 Jan 11 no follow-up yet
liza cainz

Computer Help for Windows Backup in Windows Vista - 2 views

Help Gurus Microsoft tech support experts helped me create windows backup for my Vista computer. I asked them to create backups because I am afraid that something bad might happen to my computer an...

Development @public develop Web Design reference programming

started by liza cainz on 06 Dec 10 no follow-up yet
Joel Bennett

Microsoft Axum - Download Details - 0 views

  • Installer: Axum is an incubation project from Microsoft’s Parallel Computing Platform that aims to validate a safe and productive parallel programming model for the .NET framework. It’s a language that builds upon the architecture of the web and the principles of isolation, actors, and message-passing to increase application safety, responsiveness, scalability and developer productivity. Other advanced concepts we are exploring are data flow networks, asynchronous methods, and type annotations for taming side-effects. Programmer's Guide: Use this simple and easy to follow programmer's guide to learn how to create safe, scalable, and responsive applications with the Axum language. Language Specification: A detailed specification of the Axum language.
    A .NET language for safe, scalable and productive parallel programming through isolation, actors and message-passing ...
Traveller Spice

Windows Azure and Cloud Computing - 0 views

    The feature-complete release of the Windows Azure Platform enables developers to easily build or migrate applications to the cloud. The newly announced Windows Server AppFabric and Windows Azure Platform enables you to use existing technology to improve scalability and performance in complex applications without having to learn a new skill set.  Get started by downloading the free Windows Azure Platform training kit.
Maxime Lagacé

ASP.NET - WinForms - WPF - Silverlight Controls & Components, Reporting Tools, App Frameworks, Add-ins for Visual Studio & Delphi-C++Builder - 0 views

    BEST tools for grids, charts, etc with .net and silverlight
Alina Marriam

Very Useful Links - 1 views

For All Kind Of Registered Softwares, Earning , Games And Much More For HD Wallpapers.

development web Design tools programming games earning itnews information computer language html microsoft mobile seo tutorials

started by Alina Marriam on 18 Apr 12 no follow-up yet
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