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Adildi ldinlio

PHP and MySQL Web Development third edition|free ebooks download - 1 views

    PHP and MySQL Web Development 3rd edition free download at the best library for free ebooks download.
amby kdp

Beginners Guide On PHP Programming: Quick And Easy Guide To Learn PHP With My-SQL - 0 views

    Beginners Guide On PHP Programming: Quick And Easy Guide To Learn PHP With My-SQL [James P. Long] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Book - Beginners Guide On PHP Programming is written by James P. Long. This book includes all the basics of PHP
Suvi-Tuuli Allan Custom Freelance Programming. Outsource web projects to programmers and designers. - 0 views

    Outsource your projects to freelance programmers and designers at cheap prices. Freelancers will compete for your business. Get programming done for your site in php, programming, xml, perl/cgi, javascript, asp, plus web design, search engine optimization, marketing, writing, job listings and so much more.

dbscript php framework - 0 views

    dbscript is a web development framework, it helps php programmers take advantage of efficient design patterns and idioms from other dynamic languages and frameworks. for example, the Mapper and Route classes work together to map actions and records to distinct urls. among the many advantages of routes are the automatic named routes: url_for( resource ). restful urls, http-style controllers, atompub/html introspection documents and content-negotiation are among the sophisticated features of this programmer-centric development tool. the framework is a database abstraction layer, with built-in adapters for PostgreSQL and MySQL.
Dave Cowens

Software Development Tools Directory - 0 views

    Software development tools for java, .net, php, ruby, xml, javascript, ajax, database, software testing, project management, etc.

List of Latest Features in WordPress 4.8 Beta Release - 0 views

    Wordpress dominates almost28%of websites from the total10+ million websitesin the world. development team from wordpress keeps on updating it to make this framework more robust and secure.recently wordpress has released its beta version 4.8 for testing. with this updates, wordpress has offered lots of features as its core functionalities.
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