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ByteCopy Joined H.265 NVIDIA to 30X Realtime 4K H.265 Encoding - YouTube - 0 views

    H.265 promises the same video quality as H.264 when using half the bitrate, so you may have thought about converting your H.264 videos to H.265/HEVC in order to reduce the space used by your videos. However, if you've ever tried to transcoding videos with tools such as handbrake, you'll know the process can be painfully slow, and a single movie may take several hours even with a machine with a power processor. Luckily, there's a better and faster solution thanks to hardware accelerated encoding available in Nvidia graphics cards. Pavtube Studio, the leader of the multimedia software developer, has made its professional Blu-ray ripping tool, Pavtube ByteCopy, joined HEVC NVIDIA to 30x realtime 4K H.265 encoding. Now,Watch this tutorial and check if your computer has CUDA-enabled GPU.
David Corking

Remember Smalltalk? | Gartner Blogs 2008 - 1 views

  • 2) If you are BIG fan of dynamics languages (closures, meta programming, and all that cool stuff) then consider giving Smalltalk a look.  You might like what you see.  Its like Ruby but with bigger muscles.  You think Rails is cool? Check out seaside. In the end we’ll see a up tick in Smalltalk momentum over the next few years. 
  • Please don’t talk about Smalltalk. I enjoy my competitive advantage over the Java/NET crowd
  • Where Smalltalk really shines recently is in field of web applications due to its dynamic nature (live upgrading, debugging etc.) and because its shortcoming are not relevant here.
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  • On the Desktop - Dolphin creates 500k exe’s with ease - its a 1 button click (you just have to follow some of their easy put things in packages rules).
  • Remember LAN MAN? OS2? Both were heavily endorsed by Gartner.
  • I laugh when people say poor performance on older hardware was a mjor Smalltalk weakness. We routinely delivered applications that ran on 386 and 68020 processors with 8MB RAM. And yes, they were quite snappy. No, the reason Smalltalk didn’t catch on is because Sun spent more money on Java marketing than was spent on all computer languages combined, since the dawn of time.
  • I’ve listened personally to whiny ROR programmers groan and whine about PHP devs LEARNING ROR and undercutting them.
  • I didn’t fall for it for the marketing. I fell for WORA, for the language/runtime separation, for the multi-vendor approach (Sun never wanted to be the single provider for any Java centric product niche, and in fact was never the leader), for the comprehensive set of vendor-neutral APIs for all sorts of execution environments/applications,
  • For now I would like to see more use of Smalltalk like constructs in Java (Groovy).
  • Smalltalk must have sofisticated CASE tools, business process simulation tools, large development environments etc. etc. etc.
  • I stayed to teach Smalltalk since 1993 and am very happy about this information. Each academic year, we produce a small group of new Smalltalkers in the Czech Republic.
  • Joe Barnhart // Apr 4, 2009 at 2:48 pm At the company where I work, we have used Smalltalk for 19 years. Our tiny team of programmers has beat the pants off of competitors who employ teams 100 times our size.
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