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dmitriy kharchenko

Java: To Learn or Not to Learn? - 0 views

    Which programming language to learn is a very popular question. Some answers are collected in this article.

Learning Management System (e Learning) with WordPress - 0 views

    With WordPress powered website, it is possible you can instantly transform your site into a powerful learning management system with different WordPress Plugins and Themes. With a click of a button you can create and sell courses, set-up quizzes, automatically award certificates, and download robust user activity reports. In the following list you will find WordPress Plugins and Themes to run your own LMS on your own.
Fabien Cadet

« 20/20: Top 20 Programming Lessons I've Learned in 20 Years », by Jonathan Danylko @ DCS Media - 13 views

    "This post could be viewed as hard lessons learned for newly graduated college students, entry-level programmers, or advanced developers who just want a chuckle."
yc c

ActiveState Code - 6 views

    ActiveState Code is a site for learning from and sharing code recipes - with a focus on dynamic languages and languages used for web development. The recipes you'll find here highlight programming best practices and can be used directly in day-to-day tasks, as a source of ideas, or as a way to learn more about languages or libraries. We invite you to contribute code, comments, and ratings for recipes. The recipes are freely available for review and use.
Andrey Karpov

Obscure C++ Features - 0 views

    This page is a collection of obscure C++ features, gathered over the years as I've explored different corners of the language. C++ is very big and I'm always learning more about it. Hopefully you'll learn something from this page even if you already know C++ pretty well. The features below are roughly ordered from least to most obscure.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Teach Your Kid Programming | Go Mechanical Keyboard - 0 views

    As a parent, you want to give your child the best chance to succeed in life. The economy has never been so quickly changing as it is today from the rapid advancement of technology. IT jobs were projected to grow 22% from 2012 to 2020, and all of these jobs benefit or directly from learning to code...
    As a parent, you want to give your child the best chance to succeed in life. The economy has never been so quickly changing as it is today from the rapid advancement of technology. IT jobs were projected to grow 22% from 2012 to 2020, and all of these jobs benefit or directly from learning to code...

jmcunningham/AngularJS-Learning - 0 views

    Repository with different sources to learn AngularJS
Pinhopes Job Site

Climb up the career ladder faster | Few useful tips for Interview | Pinhopes - 0 views

    Reaching your work goals may look like a daunting task at first. With careful planning and implementation of right strategies, you can step up the career ladder quicker than you thought of. Here are few tips on how to get promoted at work quickly:

    Continue learning

    learning is a lifelong process. To grow in your career, it is imperative that you keep accumulating knowledge across industries' trends, challenges and insights. Staying updated about your domain knowledge enables you to tackle challenges at work more efficiently and higher your chances of getting noticed by employers.

    Lead when required

    To take charge in a work environment doesn't always require you to be in a top position. You can assume a leadership role when circumstances demands at workplace. Exhibit your leadership skills while solving a critical problem at work by effectively communicating, motivating and working in coordination with other team members. Also start taking responsibilities a level in advance to show that you are ready for the next role.

    Give your best

    When you give your best in your work, you stay visible for your passion and performance. If you want to add more value to your work, then go t
Rajesh sharma

Kids Car Racing mania - 0 views

    The quicker the answers, ★★★★★ the faster the car runs. ★★★★★ Hey Children! Learn multiplication with this car racing game designed specially for kids. Racing excites and thrills. With your customized car you can race with the machine and can check how fast you are with multiplication concept. Playing the game will add value to your learning. Cheers! Treat yourself with thrilling car racing and have fun with multiplication tables. This is an extremely engaging application for kids to practice multiplication while having fun.
amby kdp

Python Programming Books Set: Python Programming For Beginners & Complete Guide For Python Programming: James P. Long: 9781514618905: Books - 1 views

    Python Programming Books Set: Python Programming For Beginners & Complete Guide For Python Programming [James P. Long] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Quick & Easy Guide to Python Programming For Beginners These Books Set is for those who are interested in learning Python programming language. The book Python Programming For Beginners and Complete Guide For Python Programming are Quick and Easy Guide for Programmers to learn python programming Language. These books include all the basics of python
Saqib Imran

ASL Trainer By 1 SOCIAL MEDIA - 0 views

    "American Sign Language (ASL) is an application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad which is a fun way to learn, understand and practice American Sign Language. The application has been designed for the people of all age group who want to understand the ASL when they are on the move. This provides a healthy activity to keep in touch with the language signs and constant practice with the help of this app makes it even better."
Justin Newton

Web Application Learning Trail - NetBeans Tutorials, Guides and Articles - 0 views

    Learn Java,Web Apps, Netbeans tutorial
Justin Newton

Visual Studio 2008 Learning Guide - 0 views

    Visual Studio is the latest version of Microsoft's flagship IDE. New versions of Visual Basic and C#, improvements to the .NET Framework, out-of-the-box access to ASP.NET AJAX and Visual Studio Tools. VISUAL STUDIO INTO GUIDE & TUTORIAL
David Corking

Dr. Dobb's | Smartphone Operating Systems: A Developer's Perspective | March 30, 2009 - 0 views

  • The industry stewards have countered Apple's move with their own application stores, so there's a huge opportunity to write the "killer app" for one of several smartphone platforms.
  • 40 MB to less than 4 MB of free RAM
  • one-app-at-a-time requirement complicates any implementation of a copy-and-paste mechanism.
  • ...45 more annotations...
  • As a security sandbox, the iPhone OS permits only one third-party application to run at a time, and not in the background.
  • adding some useful Bluetooth profiles that supported stereo headsets, data synchronization, or the ability to implement multiplayer games would be usefu
  • iPhone OS 3, that provides some of the missing features mentioned here, such as the A2DP profile for Bluetooth, voice recording, and copy-and-paste.
  • Have to learn Objective-C; is only smartphone platform that uses it.
  • Competitors will soon catch up on the UI.
  • embed navigation and GPS plotting into applications.
  • provide their own map content
  • The OS now supports the use of accessories connected to the iPhone either through its 30-pin docking connector or wirelessly via Bluetooth. Now that the device has been "opened", you can expect an entire ecosystem to build up around the device, much like the iPod has.
  • peer-to-peer connectivity using Bonjour
  • developers can now allow users, from within the application, to purchase and obtain new content
  • No voice dial.
  • A client-server mechanism provides access to low-level system resources, and in fact the kernel itself is a server that parcels out resources to those applications that need them. This transaction scheme allows applications to exchange data without requiring direct access to the OS space.
  • C/C++ for porting existing UNIX applications, and Java to port Java ME MIDlets. As mentioned previously, the software stack offers several run-times that offer application development using WRT widgets, Flash, and Python. The primary programming language for the platform is Symbian C++,
  • Handango has managed the wide-scale distribution of Nokia applications. In February, Nokia announced plans to launch its Ovi Store, which sells applications, videos, games, pod-casts and other content, similar to Apple's App Store. The store will be accessible by Nokia S60 smartphones in May.
  • Non-standard Symbian C++ has steep learning curve, with special idioms to master. Large number of Symbian APIs to learn, since it contains hundreds of classes and thousands of member functions.
  • BlackBerry Device Software executes multiple applications simultaneously
  • Manages multiple e-mail Exchange e-mail accounts, along with support for POP3 and SMTP, and e-mails can have file attachments
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant, and supports AES or Triple DES encryption sessions via BlackBerry Enterprise Servers
  • BlackBerry Device Software has enhanced the capabilities of the platform with its own Java virtual machine (JVM), along with new Java classes that offer multitasking capabilities and UI enhancements to go beyond the capabilities of Java ME.
  • You can also take existing Java ME code and add specific BlackBerry classes to make a hybrid Java ME application
  • don't intermix MIDP 2.0 and BlackBerry API calls that perform either screen drawing or application management.
  • The catch to writing an application that uses BlackBerry API extensions is that it ties the application this smartphone. However, this is no worse than using the unique Java classes found in Google's Android.
  • Apple promotes the design goal that applications should accomplish one purpose.
  • no Flash support, and you can't download files.
  • For non-Exchange users, Apple's MobileMe online service, after some fits and starts in 2008, now supports the push of e-mails and changes to the calendar and contacts.
  • The iPhone 3G can work in tandem with Microsoft Exhange Server 2003 and 2007 to support enterprise operations.
  • Cocoa Touch is a subset of Apple's Cocoa,
  • Cocoa Touch components manage most of the writing to the screen and playing media, yet there are APIs exposed that let you access the accelerometer and camera.
  • Quartz engine is identical to the one found in Mac OS X
  • Only a select few higher-level frameworks have access to the kernel and drivers. If necessary, an application can indirectly access some of these services through C-based interfaces provided in a LibSystem library.
  • the SDK provides Dashcode, which is a framework based on a Web page composed of HTML and Javascript. You can use DashCode's simulator to write and test your web application. You can also use several other third-party frameworks to write web applications, and debug these with Aptanna Studio's tools.
  • Made by HTC, the G1 is the first smartphone using the Android platform.
  • e-mail program (which makes use of Google's Gmail), a mapping program (using the company's Google Maps), and a browser that uses WebKit, not Google's Chrome web browser
  • Android is not Java ME, nor does it support such applications
  • ability to both browse and manage multiple IM conversations. On the other hand, such heavy use of the smartphone's CPU shortens battery life significantly. Maybe Apple is on to something in limiting the number of applications that the platform can run.
  • On the positive side, the Android APIs support a touch interface (and the G1 has a capacitive touch screen), but not any multi-touch gestures.
  • copying text from the web pages is the browser isn't allowed
  • The advantage to Android's use of a different bytecode interpreter is that the DVM was designed so that multiple instances of it can run, each in their own protected memory space, and each executing an application. While this approach offers stability and a robust environment for running multiple applications, it does so at the expense of compatibility with Java ME applications.
  • Seasoned Java programmers will find the Android SDK an amalgam of Java SE and Java ME methods and classes, along with unique new ones
  • compile the Java code to generate Dalvik bytecode files, with an extension of .dex. These files, along with the manifest, graphics files, and XML files, are packaged into an .apk file that is similar to a Java JAR file.
  • The certificate that you use to generate the private key does not require a signing authority, and you can use self-signed certificates for this purpose.
  • The Developer Phone provides access to a shipping Android device without the cash outlay or contract contortions required when developing for the other platforms.
  • in February the site began supporting priced applications. Google allows developers to take seventy percent of the proceeds.
  • it's possible that you might pick up a malicious application before it is detected by the user community.
  • Open source, open platform: if you hate the mail program, some third-party is writing a better one.
    Lengthy developer's overview of Symbian, Mac OS X iPhone, Blackberry, Android. This talks about the leading app platforms except Java ME and Windows Mobile, though it does explain how Blackberry and Symbian support Java ME.
bhawna sharma

SQL tutorial: Standard query language basics - 0 views

    Learn SQL (Standard query language) with easy and simple programming example. Read many articles and tutorial with free downloading notes facility. Increase your programming skill
Fabien Cadet

Derek Sivers' How to learn JavaScript (2016 article) - 2 views

    Mostly books recommandations.

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