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Kevin O'Neill

The 7 Software "-ilities" You Need To Know - 0 views

  • 1. Usability Software usability can be described as how effectively end users can use, learn, or control the system
  • 2. Maintainability ( or Flexibility / Testibility) The definition of maintainability [for me] implies how brittle the code is to change
  • 3. Scalability Scalability is the ability for your program to gracefully meet the demand of stress caused by increased usage
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  • 4. Availability (or Reliability) How long the system is up and running and the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is known as the availability of a program
  • 5. Extensibility Are there points in the system where changes can be made with (or without) program changes?
  • 6. Security I shouldn’t need to go into this one but to be thorough I like this definition of security: the measure of system’s ability to resist unauthorized attempts at usage or behavior modification, while still providing service to legitimate users.
  • 7. Portability Portability is the ability for your application to run on numerous platforms.
Matteo Spreafico

Building Super-Scalable Web Systems with REST - 3 views

  • Standard fare for most dynamic data and the way most everybody would tell you to do it. Only thing is that it scales like a dog.
  • The thing is that holding all the weather of the entire globe in memory, well, takes a lot of memory. More than is reasonable. In which case, there’s a fairly decent chance that a given request can’t be served from the cache, resulting in a query to the database, an update to the cache, which bumps out something else, in short, not a very good hit rate.
  • If we were able to make our clients in London perform an HTTP GET on then we could return headers in the HTTP response telling the intermediaries that they can cache the response for an hour, or however long we want.
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  • Instead of getting hammered by millions of requests a day, the internet would shoulder easily 90% of that load making it much easier to scale. Thanks Al.
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