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Fabien Cadet

The truth about REST, 2011-04-11 by Ian Elliot @ - 7 views

    "[...] If you are a programmer in a hurry and just catch part of the conversation you might well decided that REST is trivial and fairly obvious - just use URLs to code remote procedure calls. This is 80% of REST but the remaining 20% is important and it is all a matter of how you organise the remote procedure calls. [...] If you take the "URLs are remote procedure calls" approach to web apps then you are free to invent as many commands or verbs as you like."
Matteo Spreafico

REST in WCF Blog Series Index | Demystifying The Code - 4 views

  • As some of you know, I am in the midst of a blog series on REST in WCF.  Further, I have been hard at work on a series of screencasts on the same subject (in conjunction with Ron Jacobs).  My colleague Tim Heuer relayed to me that I didn’t have a single post that we can point a person to that provides links to all of the posts and screencasts.  I will keep this post updated with all of the info:

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Une captivité délétère pour les réflexes des dauphinsL'équipe du programme "Back to the Blue" craignait que les années passées au contact des hommes (...) En effectuant des fouilles au coeur de la ...

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sac shopping longchamp pas cher Elle - 0 views

Un monument, plus qu'un simple rocher ? La vidéo à l'origine de l'histoire a été postée sur une chaine appelée Paranormal Crucible dont les auteurs affirment que la pyramide n'est pas qu'une simple...

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dbscript php framework - 0 views

    dbscript is a web development framework, it helps php programmers take advantage of efficient design patterns and idioms from other dynamic languages and frameworks. for example, the Mapper and Route classes work together to map actions and records to distinct urls. among the many advantages of routes are the automatic named routes: url_for( resource ). restful urls, http-style controllers, atompub/html introspection documents and content-negotiation are among the sophisticated features of this programmer-centric development tool. the framework is a database abstraction layer, with built-in adapters for PostgreSQL and MySQL.
David Corking

The dumbing down of technology | Tony Lawrence | 2008 - 0 views

    I love this article. Lawrence is 60 and can perhaps afford to be sanguine, but I am glad he is warning the rest of us.
    Some quotable quotes here: "while we laugh at the guy who expected that his computer could be hooked up to his boom box to use the cd, he's actually just a bit ahead of us. Yes, ahead, not behind. In the future, he probably could get his computer to talk the boom box into transferring data from its cd." "When I was a teenager, I had a friend who made extra money testing and changing vacuum tubes in TV's and radios. Try earning money that way today- there is actually a very small market for that kind of thing, and there are still people who sell tubes and the like, but that market is pretty small. In the dumbed down computers of the future, there may still be a few antique machines kicking around here and there, but that isn't going to support very many of us." This is largely true and happening all the time. A programmer can use Python or Smalltalk without needing to know C (or Fortran or assembler.) A child can program in Morphic tiles (Etoys and Scratch)! We don't need to know the difference between a serial cable and a printer cable, or how to install a driver' it is all USB (or Bluetooth!) There are some gurus that program USB, but perhaps only a few hundred of them, and the rest of us just use it.
Joel Bennett

RestSharp - 4 views

    RestSharp is an open source Rest client for .NET
Joel Bennett

Open source .NET and Mono web services framework - 10 views

    ServiceStack is a high-performance Open source .NET REST web services framework that simplifies the development of XML, JSON and SOAP Web Services.
Matteo Spreafico

Building Super-Scalable Web Systems with REST - 3 views

  • Standard fare for most dynamic data and the way most everybody would tell you to do it. Only thing is that it scales like a dog.
  • The thing is that holding all the weather of the entire globe in memory, well, takes a lot of memory. More than is reasonable. In which case, there’s a fairly decent chance that a given request can’t be served from the cache, resulting in a query to the database, an update to the cache, which bumps out something else, in short, not a very good hit rate.
  • If we were able to make our clients in London perform an HTTP GET on then we could return headers in the HTTP response telling the intermediaries that they can cache the response for an hour, or however long we want.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Instead of getting hammered by millions of requests a day, the internet would shoulder easily 90% of that load making it much easier to scale. Thanks Al.
escaping1 escaping1

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»Si les membres de la Commission Baker-Hamilton pensaient avoir changé les termes du débat à Washington, ils auront été déçus. Bush a de nouveau salué leur rapport « très constructif », mais il ne ...

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Mandeep Bajar

A Developer's Dilemma: When to use Custom Code - 0 views

    Custom Code is the code that a developer writes and runs on the cloud. This Custom Code can be accessed by his App using a REST API. It helps them to execute their business logic on the cloud or to send updates that enhances the functionality of their App.
escaping1 escaping1

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Engagé jusqu'en juin 2015 avec les Spurs, Pochettino ne cache pas ses ambitions et imagine un jour entraîner un grand d'Europe. Interrogé sur les ondes de RMC mardi, l'ancien international a confié...

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subsequent1 subsequent1

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Regardez l'histoire de la France et de l'Allemagne...»Les Sévillans partent grands favoris de la demi-finale retour de Ligue Europa, jeudi (21h05), face au Shakhtar Donetsk, eux qui n'ont jamais pe...

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«Ce concours a toujours été important pour nous», insiste le champion olympique par équipes 2000.Et pour enfoncer le clou, il commente la start-list. «Beerbaum (4 titres olympiques), Michaels-Beerb...

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manger . polo lacoste femme - 0 views

Il y avait tellement de choses à y entrerPourtant, les décennies qui ont suivi ont continué d'être mouvementée pour les deux s?urs. Pamela a épousé célébré architecte d'intérieur David Hicks, et Pa...

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ministère . Casquette Dior - 0 views

.Non, je ne pense pas que je le ferai, merci , dit l'autre voix , un peu plus fermement ... non, je ne veux pas vraiment .Jump! MAINTENANT!La prochaine chose que Harry avait été une douleur considé...

Casquette Dior

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Imran Abdul Ghani

Performing CRUD operations using ASP.NET Web API - Part 1 - 0 views

    ASP.NET Web API is a framework that simplifies the creation of HTTP services. We can build loosely coupled services as Web API follows REST architecture. Another advantage of using HTTP services is that I can be consumed by a wide range of clients.
medium1 medium1

l'optimisme. sac longchamp Pliage pas cher - 0 views

sacs longchamps pas cher neuf Le clergé est également complice de l'esclavage car les prêtres enseignent aux esclaves qu'ils sont tous, Blancs et Noirs, frères ou cousins, tout en laissant les ma?t...

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