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Joel Bennett - 22 views

    Fantastic hosted code-coverage testing and reporting. Free for public open source projects on Github or Bitbucket, if you're writing in one of their supported languages (Python, Ruby, NodeJS, PHP) (using Travis or Codeship or CircleCI or Semaphore or Drone)
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Lee Johnson

Deploying node.js on Amazon EC2 | The Carbon Emitter - 0 views

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get upgrade -y
  • sudo apt-get install build-essential libssh-dev git-core -y
  • ...9 more annotations...
  • wget
  • tar zxf node-v0.4.11.tar.gz
  • cd node-v0.4.11
  • ./configure
  • sudo make install
  • curl | sudo sh
  • source '' gem 'capistrano' gem 'capistrano-ext' gem 'bluepill'
  • load 'deploy' if respond_to?(:namespace) # cap2 differentiator load 'config/deploy' # remove this line to skip loading any of the default tasks
  • set :stages, %w(acceptance production) require 'capistrano/ext/multistage' set :application, "node" set :user, "ubuntu" set :host, "" set :deploy_to, "/var/www/node" set :use_sudo, true set :scm, :git
Fabien Cadet

node.js - 5 views

    « Node's goal is to provide an easy way to build scalable network programs. In the "hello world" web server example above, many client connections can be handled concurrently. Node tells the operating system (through epoll, kqueue, /dev/poll, or select) that it should be notified when a new connection is made, and then it goes to sleep. If someone new connects, then it executes the callback. Each connection is only a small heap allocation. »
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