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Joel Bennett

Guide to creating Expression blend 3 addins « Burela's house-o-blog - 1 views

    "There isn't much information available for creating Expression blend 3 addins. There is some information on creating blend 2 plugins, but the addin model has changed between versions."

Values, Types, and Operators :: Eloquent JavaScript - 0 views

  • Not all operators are symbols. Some are written as words. One example is the typeof operator, which produces a string value naming the type of the value you give it.
  • Having such numbers is useful for storing strings inside a computer because it makes it possible to represent them as a sequence of numbers. When comparing strings, JavaScript goes over them from left to right, comparing the numeric codes of the characters one by one.
  • There is only one value in JavaScript that is not equal to itself, and that is NaN, which stands for “not a number”.
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  • In practice, you can usually get by with knowing that of the operators we have seen so far, || has the lowest precedence, then comes &&, then the comparison operators (>, ==, and so on), and then the rest. This order has been chosen such that, in typical expressions like the following one, as few parentheses as possible are necessary:
  • The difference in meaning between undefined and null is an accident of JavaScript’s design, and it doesn’t matter most of the time. In the cases where you actually have to concern yourself with these values, I recommend treating them as interchangeable (more on that in a moment).
  • . Yet in the third expression, + tries string concatenation before numeric addition
  • When something that doesn’t map to a number in an obvious way (such as "five" or undefined) is converted to a number, the value NaN is produced.
  • Further arithmetic operations on NaN keep producing NaN, so if you find yourself getting one of those in an unexpected place, look for accidental type conversions.
  • g ==, the outcome is easy to predict: you should get true when both values are the same, except in the case of NaN.
  • But when the types differ, JavaScript uses a complicated and confusing set of rules to determine what to do. In most cases, it just tries to convert one of the values to the other value’s type. However, when null or undefined occurs on either side of the operator, it produces true only if both sides are one of null or undefined.
  • That last piece of behavior is often useful. When you want to test whether a value has a real value instead of null or undefined, you can simply compare it to null with the == (or !=) operator.
  • The rules for converting strings and numbers to Boolean values state that 0, NaN, and the empty string ("") count as false, while all the other values count as true.
  • where you do not want any automatic type conversions to happen, there are two extra operators: === and !==. The first tests whether a value is precisely equal to the other, and the second tests whether it is not precisely equal. So "" === false is false as expected.
  • The logical operators && and || handle values of different types in a peculiar way. They will convert the value on their left side to Boolean type in order to decide what to do, but depending on the operator and the result of that conversion, they return either the original left-hand value or the right-hand value.
  • The || operator, for example, will return the value to its left when that can be converted to true and will return the value on its right otherwise. This conversion works as you’d expect for Boolean values and should do something analogous for values of other types.
  • This functionality allows the || operator to be used as a way to fall back on a default value. If you give it an expression that might produce an empty value on the left, the value on the right will be used as a replacement in that case.
  • The && operator works similarly, but the other way around. When the value to its left is something that converts to false, it returns that value, and otherwise it returns the value on its right.
  • Another important property of these two operators is that the expression to their right is evaluated only when necessary. In the case of true || X, no matter what X is—even if it’s an expression that does something terrible—the result will be true, and X is never evaluated. The same goes for false && X, which is false and will ignore X. This is called short-circuit evaluation.
  • - to negate a number
Adildi ldinlio

Expression Web 2 on Demand|free ebooks download - 0 views

    Microsoft Expression Web 2 on Demand free download at the best library for free ebooks download -
Joel Bennett

MoQ - Google Code - 0 views

    Moq (pronounced "Mock-you" or just "Mock") is a mocking library for .NET developed to take advantage of .NET 3.5 and C# 3.0 features (i.e. LINQ expression trees and lambda expressions) ... they claim it's the most productive, type-safe and refactoring-friendly mocking library available.
Joel Bennett

Microsoft DreamSpark - 0 views

    Microsoft DreamSpark gives millions of students in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Germany, France, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Belgium (and other countries coming soon) software for free ... Visual Studio 2005/2008 Professional Edition, Expression Studio (includes Web, Blend, Media, and Design), SQL Server 2005 Express, SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition, Virtual PC, Windows Standard Server, XNA SDK, and a 12-month trial subscription to the XNA Creators Club.
Hostforlife Hosting

Best Regular Expressions to Validate Email Address - 1 views

    Here we are going to design a regular expression pattern to validate email address which will check to make sure an e-mail address is a valid address, and in proper format means containing an username, at sign (@), and valid hostname.
Joel Bennett

Rex V: an AJAX Regular EXpression eValuator - - 0 views

    A web-based Regular Expression tester for creating and testing php(pcre or posix) or javascript compatible regular Expressions.
Matteo Spreafico

Expression Web SuperPreview for Internet Explorer - 0 views

  • Expression Web SuperPreview for Internet Explorer shows your web pages rendered in Internet Explorer 6 and either Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8, depending on which version you have installed on your machine. You can view the pages side by side or as an onion-skin overlay and use rulers, guides and zoom/pan tools to precisely identify differences in layout. You can even compare your page comp to how the targeted browsers render the page.
  • Expression Web SuperPreview for Internet Explorer is a standalone, free application with no expiration and no technical support from Microsoft.
Maxime Lagacé

Swami's Tech World: PreCompile or Publish websites in Visual Developer 2008 Express Edition - 0 views

    Publish websites in Visual Developer 2008 Express Edition
Fabien Cadet

Parsing Html The Cthulhu Way @ Coding Horror (Jeff Atwood) - 1 views

    « Among programmers of any experience, it is generally regarded as A Bad Ideatm to attempt to parse HTML with regular expressions. How bad of an idea? It apparently drove one Stack Overflow user to the brink of madness [...] »

30 Awesome and Creatively Expressive Graffiti Artworks - 0 views

    How're you all doing mates? In this post we will be featuring a little bit of Graffiti Art. Technically, Graffiti is defined as any writings or drawings that are usually sprayed, illegitimately, on public places. Although detested for its unapproved activities, graffiti artists find this kind of art as a way to show their artistic expression for their emotion, opinions, and personal messages. It is said that graffiti originated way back the ancient times and with no doubt, is still alive and sprayin' until today. To share to you some cool works, we have gathered 30 Awesome and Creatively Expressive Graffiti Artworks. Have a glimpse on some of the amazing artworks made by different graffiti artists around the world. You might want to have a pair of artistic eyes and open mindedness to appreciate these daring works of art. Come, take a peek, and your mind be sprayed. Enjoy!
Mark Henry

Cheque Clearing System Dubai | UAE Software Company - 0 views

    Integrated Online Cheque Clearing System is a web application, developed by kunooz express, to centralize the banking system. IOCCS creates an ease for central bank to organize and manage all the items at any sub-branch. Moreover, it allows customers to process large no of cheques automatically.
Mark Henry

Management Systems in Dubai | Software Company in Dubai - 0 views

    Kunooz Express, a foremost software corporation in Dubai, offers a wide range of software products. Most popular of them includes Leasing Management System, Integrated Online Cheque Clearing System (IOCCS), OCCS and Return Cheque Management System (RCMS). All these software products are developed according to the modern trends of automation.
Mark Henry

Dubai Return Cheque Management System | Software Company in Dubai - 0 views

    Kunooz Express has developed Return Cheque Management System, a web based application, for police departments to control bounced cheque cases. It also aid banks and organizations to report their cases online.
Mark Henry

Dubai leasing | Software Company in UAE - 0 views

    Kunooz Express always tries to indulge its customers, that's why several support options are offered. You can visit any of the support option for all types of issues and problems; you will be provided an absolute solution.

An Introduction to Regular Expressions in RL3 - 0 views

    Regular expressions are extremely handy and powerful tool. In RL3 regex are also human-friendly and easy to write.
Fabien Cadet

The Ideal HPC Programming Language - ACM Queue - 2 views

    What if programming did not mean having to learn a language someone else devised and then wrestling with the limitations of that language, its compilers, and computers to implement your task? What if it meant, in a sense, the opposite? You could write your program in whatever way was most expressive for you, without regard for language rules imposed by someone else. Then it would be somebody else's job to define the programming language that would make sense of what you wrote, write the compilers to digest the program, and build the computers that would efficiently run the task you specified.
Joel Bennett

Microsoft F# Developer Center - 0 views

    F# is a functional programming language for the .NET Framework. It combines the succinct, expressive, and compositional style of functional programming with the runtime, libraries, interoperability, and object model of .NET. -- and it had a new CTP in September 2008
Joel Bennett

Why Verbs? « Not The User's Fault - 0 views

    expressiveness: Hey Firefox? Select this page, translate it to Spanish, encrypt it with my mom's public key, email it to her, and oh yeah save this chain of commands as a new command so I can use it later.
Vincent Tsao

Regular Expression Library - 0 views

  • Titleemail address (RFC 2822 mailbox)
  • ^((?>[a-zA-Z\d!#$%&'*+\-/=?^_`{|}~]+\x20*|"((?=[\x01-\x7f])[^"\\]|\\[\x01-\x7f])*"\x20*)*(?<angle><))?((?!\.)(?>\.?[a-zA-Z\d!#$%&'*+\-/=?^_`{|}~]+)+|"((?=[\x01-\x7f])[^"\\]|\\[\x01-\x7f])*")@(((?!-)[a-zA-Z\d\-]+(?<!-)\.)+[a-zA-Z]{2,}|\[(((?(?<!\[)\.)(25[0-5]|2[0-4]\d|[01]?\d?\d)){4}|[a-zA-Z\d\-]*[a-zA-Z\d]:((?=[\x01-\x7f])[^\\\[\]]|\\[\x01-\x7f])+)\])(?(angle)>)$
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