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Matteo Spreafico

NuPack - pacakge management for Visual Studio - 3 views

  • NuPack is a free, open source developer focused package management system for the .NET platform intent on simplifying the process of incorporating third party libraries into a .NET application during development.
  • There are a large number of useful 3rd party open source libraries out there for the .NET platform, but for those not familiar with the OSS ecosystem, it can be a pain to pull these libraries into a project.
  • NuPack automates all these common and tedious tasks for a package as well as its dependencies. It removes nearly all of the challenges of incorporating a third party open source library into a project’s source tree. Of course, using that library properly is still up to the developer.
    pacakge management for Visual Studio
Joel Bennett

Presentation Mouse Tracker - 0 views

    Helps your audience to follow your mouse when you're presenting in Visual Studio.
Joel Bennett

Enterprise Solutions Build Framework (SBF) - 0 views

  • Sdc.Tasks is an MSBUILD tasks library which provides over a hundred new tasks for driving continuous integration builds, deploying and testing applications and much more. The Solutions Build Framework is a set of tools and procedures that represents MSUK best practice for developing enterprise applications. This includes continuous integration build; automated multi box rig deployment; automated testing; automated documentation.
    The SBF is the "best practices" for doing continouse integration builds, automated deployment, testing, and documentation. Sdc.Tasks is a library of MSBUILD tasks which support those practices.
Joel Bennett - 0 views

  • AnkhSVN is a Visual Studio .NET addin for the Subversion version control system. It allows you to perform the most common version control operations directly from inside the VS.NET IDE. Not all the functionality provided by SVN is (yet) supported, but the majority of operations that support the daily workflow are implemented.
    AnkhSVN supports enough of SVN in Visual Studio to get you the source control overlays in your solution explorer, which is all I *really* need. You might want to consider running it along *with* TortoiseSVN
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