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Fabien Cadet

HTML Purifier - Filter your HTML the standards-compliant way! - 5 views

    HTML Purifier is a standards-compliant HTML filter library written in PHP. HTML Purifier will not only remove all malicious code (better known as XSS) with a thoroughly audited, secure yet permissive whitelist, it will also make sure your documents are standards compliant, something only achievable with a comprehensive knowledge of W3C's specifications. Tired of using BBCode due to the current landscape of deficient or insecure HTML filters? Have a WYSIWYG editor but never been able to use it? Looking for high-quality, standards-compliant, open-source components for that application you're building? HTML Purifier is for you!
alex gross

The Cloud as a Platform for Platforms - 0 views

    AWS is not only a rich platform to build solutions but also a platform for building specialized platforms. Customers can choose to either use the AWS cloud directly or take advantage of these value-added platforms. Customers can also mix and match platforms from this rich ecosystem. \n\nIn this post, we look at some of the best examples of specialized platforms built on AWS:
Vladimír Dědek - 0 views

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