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Fabien Cadet

PhoneGap : OpenSource framework for mobile development - 2 views

  • "AIR for the iPhone" because this nice little hack, first created at an iPhone BarCamp, wraps the Web view with a container. This container gives the view access to APIs available on the device, that may not be available yet via WebKit alone."
    • David Corking
      This quote sounds compelling
    I don't think this will get you past the iPhone app store, but it should make it easier for non-Cocoa coders who want access to the accelerometer, geolocation and other on board functions that aren't available to pure web apps.
    « PhoneGap is an HTML5 app platform that allows you to author native applications with web technologies and get access to APIs and app stores. PhoneGap leverages web technologies developers already know best... HTML and JavaScript. »

PureMVC - 1 views

    PureMVC is a lightweight framework for creating applications based upon the classic Model, View and Controller concept. Based upon proven design patterns, this free, open source framework which was originally implemented in the ActionScript 3 language for use with Adobe Flex, Flash and AIR, is now being ported to all major development platforms.
Joel Bennett

Flapjax - a new language for writing the web? - 0 views

    Flapjax is a programming language which compiles to cross-platform javascript, but purports to be quite a bit easier to use ...
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